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Deloitte Women in SAP

Many strengths. Many perspectives. One common goal-to thrive.

We are women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

An introduction from the Global SAP Offering Leader

Welcome to Deloitte Women in SAP

As a mother of two daughters, I am dedicated to creating a better tomorrow - focussed on cultivating a more inclusive world for our future leaders, while as the Global SAP Offering leader, I strive to build strong, inclusive and diverse teams, where we embrace all ideas and experiences.

Every encounter matters. Whether I’m speaking with a colleague or friend, it is critical to explore new ways to cultivate a safe space for women to bring their authentic self to all aspects of their life. We must learn from our history and remain committed and motivated to continue to tackle the long road that still lies ahead of us. At Deloitte, we embed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in all that we do not just because it will translate to a more successful business but most importantly because it is what we MUST do for our people. Our culture is focussed on being people-first, where we encourage our entire team to bring their whole self to work and to maximise their potential throughout their career with Deloitte.

We focus on supporting women to see their career’s flourish amongst their peers by building an increased sense of community and professional connections that will last a lifetime.

In these profiles and videos, you’ll see the personal and professional stories of women who work in the SAP practice of the Deloitte organisation around the world—women from different cultures and backgrounds, and at differing stages of their careers. Two things unite them: a passion to drive organisational and social innovation through SAP, and the talent to deliver for their clients.

Together, we are stronger. Together we can grow our careers, make a difference and inspire those across the world. I hope you enjoy the stories of these remarkable women that I have the honour to work with every day.

Learn about what else is happening at Deloitte to drive impact and make a difference, explore our page, ask questions, make connections and apply for a job!

This could be you.

Katie Tyler

Global SAP Offering Leader, Deloitte Canada

Meet Deloitte’s Women in SAP

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Delivering excellence plus impact

Amy Royce knows what it means to bring everything together. In her view, that’s one of the key strengths of SAP solutions—connecting the elements of finance, procurement, the supply chain, and other business functions and providing a single technology foundation for the enterprise.

But for Amy, “bringing everything together” means a lot more. As a Deloitte Australia director working on programme management for SAP transformation projects, she is responsible for bringing together all of the elements needed for delivery excellence and client success—the right people, skillsets, technologies, methodologies, tools and more. Amy is also responsible for helping Deloitte’s SAP business grow stronger through new capabilities and new people—whom she calls the future “delivery excellence stars.”

It’s exciting work that gives her the opportunity to work across a client’s business and to go far beyond the technical aspects of software—even though hands-on data and technology work has been a long-standing strength of hers. “We are able to really have an impact across an entire organisation. I can talk to different stakeholders—from all different areas with all different priorities and problems and concerns,” she says. “What I love about my job is that it is the perfect blend of technology and people.

The path that led Amy to the world of SAP began more than a decade ago, working on transformation projects at a mining company, then transitioning to a Human Capital Management consulting firm before joining Deloitte in early 2019. One thing she has noticed since joining: the diversity among Deloitte’s organisation—and the platform that Deloitte allows for women across all areas of consulting, particularly in SAP.

And that diversity is important, according to Amy. It provides an opportunity for many paths, all of which lead to the same place: meaningful outcomes for Deloitte clients and colleagues. In her view, it’s an environment that allows all employees to learn from one another, grow their careers at their own pace and remain true to themselves—supported by a culture and policies that enable each person’s unique journey.

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Turning relationships into results

Relationships are at the centre of everything Jodie Stahly does in her job as Deloitte’s SAP Alliance leader. Relationships among people, organisations, business goals, technologies, opportunities and more—it’s all embedded in the work she does every day as she helps manage Deloitte’s long-standing alliance with SAP globally.

“We bring together the best of Deloitte with the best of what SAP offers from a technology point of view so that our Deloitte clients can solve their own challenges,” Jodie says. “I love that every day is different.” For more than 30 years, the two organisations have been collaborating to help customers transform, grow, and thrive. Jodie has been an integral part of the effort for a large portion of the alliance’s history, helping to drive Deloitte’s go-to-market strategies and investments in SAP technology. It’s a role that has given Jodie a front-row seat for the evolution of SAP and all the exciting innovations that have come along with it.

Since joining Deloitte in 2009, Jodie has learned from many mentors, while mentoring others along the way—sharing insights, building new relationships, and helping to strengthen Deloitte’s SAP offering. Diversity has been one of the key ingredients for the success of Deloitte—and for delivering the right solutions to SAP customers. By bringing different perspectives and experiences to projects, Deloitte teams are able to look through multiple lenses to work towards the best solutions possible, according to Jodie.

Jodie says that at the intersection of the Deloitte and SAP worlds, there are abundant opportunities for women to build meaningful careers—with many possible paths and many professionals from whom you can learn. Jodie’s recommendation for those who are considering a career in the SAP realm: stay curious and understand that SAP is a big world where you can do a lot of things—whether you are interested in artificial intelligence, business process design, finance, supply chain, sales, business development, or even a role like hers, in alliances and relationships.

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Solving problems, winning hearts

Complexity lies at the core of the work that Sravya Talanki does for Deloitte and its SAP clients. ‘For me, challenging is exciting,” she says. “Implementing a solution to solve a specific problem for a client is different to every client and that makes it very challenging.”

As a UK-based leader for Deloitte’s SAP technical services market offering, Sravya brings a holistic approach for addressing customer challenges. She is intently focussed on the five pillars of people, strategy, project delivery, sales and innovation—and on closing the gaps between delivery, sales and innovation. It can be tough work, but the goal is always simple: to win the hearts of clients and colleagues while creating an impact that delivers value and innovation. To do that, Sravya embeds concrete actions into her approach—helping teams continuously learn, removing obstacles for clients by applying lessons learned and prioritising the work that Deloitte undertakes for SAP customers.

Sharing what she knows is central to her journey in the SAP world. An avid SAP blogger for more than a decade, Sravya is known worldwide for the insights she shares on technology implementation and business transformation. Over the years, through blogging she has built a reputation for helping SAP consultants address common challenges, grow their skillsets and build their careers. Blogging has also helped her connect with new people around the world and get additional insights into organisations’ needs.

Joining Deloitte as part of an acquisition in 2020, Sravya has brought an extensive SAP-focussed background to the work she does every day—with more than two decades of transformation experience. And her biggest points of pride still involve solving complex challenges—such as meeting clients’ extremely high expectations while staying under budget. One of her keys to success: looking at problems from different angles while leading teams towards solutions that will delight customers.

To do that, she strives to create a fun environment where Deloitte colleagues can freely share unique perspectives and experiences, step forward with new ideas and not be afraid to fail—all while growing their skills in IT, consulting and business innovation.

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Coaching her team to the top

Building strong teams has always been a focus for Katie Tyler, Deloitte Global Consulting SAP Offering & Platform Leader. Originally on a career path that involved health and well-being, Katie pivoted to consulting more than two decades ago—leveraging her strengths in coaching and team-building to help Deloitte rise to be a leader in the market.

Now Katie is bringing Deloitte clients along with her. “What I love most about SAP and the role I have is watching organisations achieve the value and benefits they are expecting while working more efficiently to solve problems harnessing the power of SAP to become innovative leaders in their industry.”

Her global leadership role gives her a unique vantage point, too—one that allows her to work with diverse teams to help clients transform their organisations, directing their energy and the experience of Deloitte from around the globe.

Looking back on her first position in the SAP world, Katie described herself as a coach—working to guide client organisations through transformation projects while helping them make the connections between technologies and tangible business outcomes. The job required her to learn how to code, but it also tapped into her passion for working in teams and helping others grow. The work eventually led her to new roles focussed on SAP payroll solutions, human resources and employee experience—including the SAP SuccessFactors offerings. She brought all of her experience and strengths to Deloitte in 2014, joining the Human Capital practice within Deloitte Canada.

With Deloitte’s profile continuing to rise among SAP customers, Katie wants to see the profile of women also rise within the organisation. One potential impact of having more balanced and diverse teams: An ability to show up as a stronger and trusted team for clients. “Many of my clients I can truly call friends and they come to me now, from my first years as a consultant, because they trust in me,” she says. “They trust that I'll bring the right team to achieve their objectives with quality and that's what's important.”

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Connecting diversity to value

Successful teams are diverse teams. An observation Deloitte leader Geraldine Aubert has made in the past. With responsibility for SAP-enabled transformation projects and teams, assembling the right mix of people—with the right mix of backgrounds and talents—is central to the work she does every day.

It all starts with listening—collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific business needs and pain points, and then bringing in the right mix of people who can focus their individual skills to help achieve clients’ business objectives. Specialists in finance, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, technology implementation, data management, change management—you name it, it’s all potentially in the mix for digital enterprise transformation. And that means that all types of people need to be in the mix, too. “What I love in this area is really the diversity of the teams that we are working with,” Geraldine says. “We have people with different backgrounds because we are talking end-to-end processes.”

Geraldine began her career path working in analytical chemistry, at a certain point realising that she wanted more out of a job. She wanted work that was exciting, which led her to a career in consulting and eventually to Deloitte in 2021. According to Geraldine, Deloitte seemed like a perfect fit—based on what she knew about the organisation’s culture, its diverse portfolio of clients and its outcomes-based approach to business transformation.

One thing that has made her work with Deloitte’s SAP clients exciting—a focus on value, on activities that connect with business goals and provide a return on investment. Making connections come naturally to Geraldine—whether it’s including the right people in the right teams or aligning new technologies with the business processes.

Over her 22-year career, as she has seen more women migrate to the world of SAP transformation, she has made another important connection. Geraldine sees that having more women engaged in projects—having greater diversity among teams—results in conversations that are more “real,” productive, meaningful and focussed on unlocking value for clients.

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Orchestrating growth

Some people are natural fits for the world of SAP. Mia Buban is one of them—and she believes that there are plenty of others out there who would thrive in the opportunities that come with a career focussed on SAP and business transformation.

Originally interested in a career in medicine, Mia decided instead on a career path that would play to her strengths in math and logical thinking. That path ran straight to SAP—where her focus has remained for more than two decades. Today, as a technology leader for Deloitte Middle East, she leverages years of experience and responsibility to guide clients through digitally enabled business transformations.

Mia sees transformation as more than the mechanics of implementing a technology. For her, it’s about harmonisation—and about orchestrating a diverse mix of talents, capabilities, processes and tools to help clients achieve their business objectives while helping individuals thrive in their roles.

“I get to be part of that journey in making that vision become a reality,” she says. “Transformation moves me. It is always exciting to be at the core of bringing together all the elements of people, process, data and technology to be successful.”

Whether it’s project management, a role focussed on a specific business function such as HR, procurement, finance, supply chain and logistics, or a more technical position, SAP transformation is an area in which women can play to their strengths—while having opportunities to work with some of greatest companies in the world, according to Mia. It’s about turning chaos into “cohesion,” embedding strategic thinking, delivering excellence, focussing on outcomes, and winning the hearts and minds of people engaged in a transformation journey.

Joining Deloitte in 2020 after many years with another professional services company, she has quickly found her own path for thriving within the firm—describing Deloitte as an organisation that values human connections and embodies a true sense of partnership. And that is especially important as diversity and human-centric business practices become greater priorities for Deloitte clients.

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Speaking a common language

Deloitte professionals can give you a long list of possible benefits with SAP solutions. But in Liliana Carballal’s view, it comes down to one thing: giving an organisation standardised processes and insights—a common language—that it can use to make decisions and run its business more effectively. And she loves it when clients get it—when they realise that potential for value and start speaking “a language that was foreign to them” before SAP implementation.

The work is far from boring for Liliana, who has been interested in information technology since she was a child, after her father one day brought home a computer with a text-based interface. Since joining Deloitte Argentina more than 15 years ago, she has steadily evolved her career—moving from a functional role to manager to director. Today, she is an example for others who are seeking to define their own unique career paths.

For women, especially, there are ample opportunities in Deloitte’s SAP-focussed work, according to Liliana. And whether the focus is on technologies, business processes, people, or some other dimension of enterprise transformation, the need for empathy is huge. “The work that we do requires a lot of understanding of the clients’ problems and their situation and their constraints and their fears,” she says. “In my experience, the women that I’ve worked with are very good at actually gaining that level of trust and connection with the client.”

And there are also big benefits that come along with being part of Deloitte’s global SAP practice—including the opportunity to work across the globe, in a variety of industries, to shape your own career in a supportive organisation and to do it all as one team. Even when client challenges prove tougher than expected, Liliana says, that sense of being a cohesive team—as being part of something bigger—is a strength and a point of pride. It shows that they are all in it together, to solve clients’ challenges and to support one another.

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Innovating for success

Binny has over 17 years of experience in Enterprise Transformation across shores and has proven leadership in delivering large and complex SAP implementations, primarily in the Consumer industry. As a Managing Director in Deloitte US India Office, SAP practice - Binny has a track record of helping organisations in their digital transformation journey with a focus on centralising delivery and innovation capabilities. Binny brings in a mix of delivery thought leadership and execution rigour by building high performing globally integrated teams across both Deloitte and client organisations.

Binny completed her bachelor’s in technology focussed on Computer Science from the University of Delhi and MBA in Marketing from IIT Bombay. She started her SAP journey back in 2005 as an Order to Cash functional consultant, where for Binny SAP was a logical choice given the fact that it leverages both technology and process knowledge to deliver business impact. On a personal note, Binny is enthusiastic about fitness and practices yoga actively. She loves travelling and learning about different cultures.

As an innovator, she is heavily invested in development and industrialisation of assets that drive business value for our clients. She leads the Deloitte Kinetic Consumer Industry Solution – a preconfigured SAP solution that helps jumpstart a Consumer SAP implementation programme and saves time and effort in business process design.

She has had an incredible journey so far and learns something new every single day. Even after delivering ~20 SAP projects to date, every new opportunity presents a new set of challenges and unique business problems to solve. Being challenged every day, overcoming obstacles as a team and making a tangible difference to clients’ business is what keeps her going.

One of Binny’s marquee client was a paper products manufacturer in North America. During the pandemic when paper towels sales skyrocketed, and the client was able to meet the sudden surge in demand because of the Digital transformation Binny’s team of 400+ professionals implemented within a short time frame of a few weeks. In her words she explains, “it makes me feel very special and really proud of my team that made a difference during times of need”.

Binny keeps a profound focus on DEI - succeeding in bringing more unique voices and backgrounds to the table than ever before. She has witnessed the strengths of women in the SAP practice and has watched it grow to over 31%. This set of high-performing, highly driven women, strengthen inclusive culture, bring empathy and keep the team grounded. “Women are inherently wired to multi-task that make them very suitable for Consulting roles”, she says.

Binny has also received tremendous support from Deloitte through many family milestones. She helps create a conducive work environment for diverse teams to co-exist, removing unconscious bias, helping them grow and become our mentors and future leaders.

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Learning all the time

What are you learning right now and what can you learn next? Questions like these are frequently top of mind for Mónica Cortés, a Deloitte SAP Consulting Leader in the energy industry, within Deloitte Spain. Since beginning her journey with Deloitte about 15 years ago, she has learned a lot—about SAP, about what makes Deloitte special, and about how her own skills and interests align with business transformation.

Simply put: The learning is never-ending—and Mónica is OK with that. “I love that I never stop learning, because technology changes fast and I can find an interesting challenge at any time, any moment,” she says. Digital business transformation. Cloud. Automation. There’s no shortage of topics to explore while working with Deloitte clients, helping them leverage SAP solutions to make better business decisions, run their organisations more effectivelya and unleash measurable value.

Interested in computers from an early age, Mónica has long felt at home in Deloitte Consulting’s global business and technology team. She even thinks of her Deloitte SAP team as a “second family”—one that is learning side by side with her, constantly growing along with the evolution of SAP technologies. Why SAP? It was always a natural fit for her—one that allowed her to excel while helping Deloitte clients. “I was able to understand the power of it, and I decided to focus my career,” she says. “I wanted to do something big.”

Today, many of the big things she focusses on involve sustainability—working with Deloitte SAP customers to turn data into insights that can likely help them operate more efficiently and do their part to make a positive impact on the future. That kind of work has been a rewarding part of her Deloitte experience—along with the ability to keep learning by working on projects around the world, meeting a variety of people and supporting organisations across industries.

During her years at Deloitte, she has seen the number of women in SAP grow steadily and she believes there are plenty of opportunities for women. The way forward for people embarking on SAP-related careers? According to Mónica, the key is to remain curious and open to learning new things—to keep up with the rapidly evolving innovation landscape.

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Making transformation real

Joining Deloitte may have been one of the greatest decisions that Ana Maria Costa ever made. After earning management and finance degrees, and launching her career at a technology solutions company, Ana made the move to Deloitte in 2013—and she has thrived here ever since.

The proof is in the work she does every day from her home base in Portugal—guiding global organisations through their SAP-enabled transformation journeys and working with colleagues from around the world to make an impact that matters. One great example: a SAP project that helped one business—operating as 100 separate companies—adopt common solutions and processes that allowed it to operate as a single, unified company.

Working as a senior manager within Deloitte’s SAP practice means she is in constant learning mode—constantly working with different organisations and people, focussed on delivering real-world outcomes. “I can create an impact that is not theoretical,” she says. “It's not something that you put in a presentation. It is something that you can really see and you can almost touch.”

She likes to think of the work she does as healthcare for businesses. Her job is to help make organisations “better” and prepare for future challenges—by working with them to improve their health in multiple areas: in their business processes, on the people side of things and in the technologies they use to run their organisations.

The experience has been enriching on both a professional and personal level, allowing Ana to balance her work, family and interests in meaningful ways. Deloitte’s culture helps make that possible, she says. It’s a diverse and supportive environment where people from all walks of life can be themselves, learn from one another and grow.

That culture also helps make Deloitte’s work for clients better overall, according to Ana. Deloitte teams increasingly include a diverse set of people, so they are able to bring breadth and depth when it comes to idea-generation, problem-solving, focussing on outcomes and customer care.

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Putting superpowers to work

Kelly Herod is assembling a team of superheroes. As the former leader of Deloitte’s SAP practice in the United States and the current leader of the US Energy, Resources & Industrials Industry for Deloitte Consulting LLP, one of her responsibilities is to lead a talented group of professionals, charged with helping to solve some of the most complex transformation challenges that clients face. Kelly is always working to develop, direct and utilise the unique capabilities of her colleagues.

“I love creating diverse teams with different skillsets.” Kelly says. “When I meet people and work with them, I’m trying to figure out what’s their superpower and how we can leverage it within the team.”

For Kelly, a focus on diversity and talent has always been integral to the work she does at Deloitte and she is focussed on helping others bring their unique perspectives to the forefront—to help them and their clients thrive. It’s a “pay it forward” approach that not only helps others gain a seat at the table; it helps create “magic” by bringing together different perspectives and experiences.

Over her two decades at Deloitte, Kelly has seen a lot of “magic”. One example—the diverse team effort that led to Kinetic Finance Startup, a Deloitte offering that helps clients deploy “self-building, self-testing” SAP S/4HANA Central Finance capabilities. Kelly formed the team based on the unique strengths of each individual—and how they could complement the skills of other teammates. Over her two decades at Deloitte, Kelly has seen a lot of “magic”. One example—the diverse team effort that led to Kinetic Finance Startup, a Deloitte offering that helps clients deploy “self-building, self-testing” SAP S/4HANA Central Finance capabilities. Kelly formed the team based on the unique strengths of each individual—and how they could complement the skills of other teammates.

The challenge took Kelly back to her roots in finance—with finance transformation being a typical starting point for clients on their SAP journeys. Finance has long been a personal passion of Kelly’s—something that started around age 12, after her father introduced her to investing. Lifelong learning is a passion of Kelly’s, too. Among her latest projects: studying AI and cloud solutions and working with her teams to generate next gen solutions to help support Deloitte clients evolutions.

“One of the things that has made me successful is I'm constantly listening, studying and exploring— trying to add to my toolkit every week,” she says. (Sounds a lot like a superpower, doesn’t it?)

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Imagining the future

When Nikita Luman was growing up in Mumbai, she would often pass by one of Deloitte’s dazzling offices and daydream that she would one day work there. And that was long before she knew anything about Deloitte’s culture, capabilities and collaboration with SAP.

Her real connection to the Deloitte world—and the SAP world—would come years later, after meeting a future Deloitte colleague and learning about the huge opportunity that awaited her. Today, in her role as an SAP analytics specialist at Deloitte Canada, she is still focussed on imagining future possibilities—and helping clients do the same.

In her view, the real power of SAP technology lies in its ability to help leaders understand what is going on in their businesses, to examine current and future trends, and to make powerful decisions for their organisations. Yet, among many people, there’s still a huge misconception about what SAP technology is and what it can do, according to Nikita. “It helps you streamline and automate your day to day business operations,” she says. “It's that simple.”

Her work at Deloitte centres on analytics—an area where simplicity often is critical for things like meaningful dashboards, reports and intelligent automation capabilities. “What I love about my job is being able to help clients be able to solve their problems and provide them with different analytic solutions which exist in SAP—which they don't even know that it exists.”

And that’s coming from someone who did not have any formal training in SAP initially—who just one day jumped into building data models for a client and instantly discovered the power of SAP.

But you don’t have to be a hardcore coder to find your SAP niche, according to Nikita, who says Deloitte actively supports people in discovering and defining their own career journeys. “You could be a functional consultant, you could be a technical consultant, or you could be somebody like me who is into analytics,” she says. “It's such a huge world.”

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Navigating opportunities

You don’t have to know a lot about SAP solutions to get started on a meaningful career path in the SAP realm. Rie Matsumori understands that fact well. She actually focussed on international studies during university but transitioned naturally into the world of consulting—gradually expanding her knowledge of SAP offerings and how organisations could use intelligent technologies to transform their businesses.

Joining Deloitte Japan in 2012, Rie has steadily added to her body of SAP knowledge, working today as a director focussed on assisting clients as they navigate challenges and opportunities. Logistics is one area in which she has built a specialty, supporting a range of needs for aligning SAP solutions with specific business processes, such as material management.

Learning the SAP world from the ground up has required determination, and challenges naturally come with the territory, according to Rie. Supporting clients as they transition from long-established legacy systems to more agile and intelligent SAP solutions, for example, brings inherent complexity on multiple fronts—such as process optimisation, technology integration and human experience. And it all must connect back to the strategic goals of Deloitte customers, while also supporting their ability to evolve as business needs change.

Two important factors have made it easier for her to address the challenges that have emerged: the support of leaders and colleagues around her, as well as the culture of inclusivity that comes with Deloitte’s SAP projects. “We have various backgrounds, and a lot of people we meet—we respect each other and empower each other,” she says.

A sense of empowerment is something that she strives to share with Deloitte colleagues, especially other women on a career journey in the SAP space. Constantly looking for ways to be a role model for the next-generation of consultants and to help them see the broader potential that comes with SAP projects, she is focussed on helping Deloitte develop new talent and expand its business opportunities. She’s also focussed on the most important thing about her Deloitte experience: continuously learning new things that allow her to enjoy her job even more.

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Keeping up with change

Jen McDonald understands what SAP customers are going through—because she has been an SAP customer herself. In her previous four-year role as Deloitte Africa CFO Jen helped her Deloitte firm transform its business with SAP solutions. The project touched on Deloitte operations in 17 countries and changed how the business handled core Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management processes.

Now—as former leader for Deloitte’s SAP alliance in Africa, having just transitioned to Deloitte Australia to lead cloud and SAP projects—Jen brings real-world experience to help other SAP customers navigate their own journeys. Jen’s lived experience means she can share lessons that she herself learned the hard way—helping others anticipate and get ahead of transformation challenges. The experience has also given her a unique perspective into the type of value organisations can unlock with SAP solutions.

And that equation for value is always changing, according to Jen. Each new SAP update or feature enhancement offers clients an opportunity to stay at the forefront of business innovation—a point that she constantly reiterates for Deloitte clients. “We make sure that organisations are not left behind on old, outdated technologies,” she says. “As the world changes, as business changes and as technology changes, they're able to keep pace with what’s happening in their space.”

Part of that approach depends on bringing diverse teams to clients’ challenges—to unlock greater value through diverse ideas, different perspectives, and more dynamic teams. In Jen’s 17 years with Deloitte, she has seen that diversity grow. Jen has seen a growth in the number of women leading and supporting SAP projects and believes that Deloitte has helped enable that new environment—supporting Jen and other women as they develop their own careers paths, balance work with their personal lives, and find ample opportunity for growth and learning. Her advice to today’s young professionals and future professionals (including her two daughters): Put SAP work high on your list when pondering paths to pursue.

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Building successful teams

Nandita helps to transform client landscapes and deliver business value, coach successful teams and leveraging state of the art tools and innovation.

As a leader in Deloitte’s selective transformation asset– she ensures that we are continuing to build best-in-class innovations and continues to drive the diversity and inclusion ethos. Nandita “helps companies simplify how they do work, improving their systems and changing their day-to-day business processes”, which she explains is so exciting that everyday there is a new problem to solve. “It keeps me on my toes”, she says “everyday is different and I have to constantly find creative solutions, because every situation needs to be treated differently”. This is what makes Nandita’s job unique – not only working with diverse people from across the globe – its multifaceted, from coaching, mentoring, building teams and helping them achieve their career goals.

In addition, Nandita has the opportunity to build new processes, structures and make projects more efficient. With her mechanical engineering and business studies, creating efficient processes is at the core of what she does. She enjoys working on new projects every few months and using technology to solve business problems.

Personally, Nandita explains that throughout her career at Deloitte “I’ve received my own mentorship from leaders, who have heavily invested in my professional goals – they’ve supported me in my personal milestones, providing coaching irrespective of gender identity”. For Nandita, it has been particularly inspiring to work alongside such strong women leaders and teams. Though applying to Deloitte was a complete shot in the dark for her, she happened to be exactly what the team was looking for. “It was such a turning point in my life” she says.

Nandita is proud to say “join Deloitte if you want to continue to learn every day for the rest of your life, join if you want to be inspired by your leaders and by your teams. It’s been a delight and I have received such tremendous investment in my career goals, these are all reasons why women across the world should join us”. Outside of work, Nandita also practices kickboxing and loves taking part in strategy board games.

Nandita will aim to continue to build successful teams by making an impact on everyone around her, inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest in and outside of work. To future leaders: “be curious about technology, be curious about how business works and be hungry to learn new things constantly”.

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Seeing the bigger picture

For many people, when they think about SAP, they instantly think about technology. Misa Rawlins thinks about a lot more. As a SAP cloud thought leader for Deloitte’s US SAP practice, she is focussed on the impact that clients can make with technology. And Misa gets to see that impact every day.

One of her top priorities: Helping clients and colleagues understand how they can wield SAP technology as a tool to enable true transformation for clients—to help them achieve tangible business objectives. 

“To me, that's one of the best feelings about what we do—when you're actually able to turn that switch on and say that ‘we're live,’” she says. “But more than anything, it's the satisfaction of seeing our clients actually attain a goal that they've been waiting for.”

Over the past two decades, getting to work with the “nuts and bolts” of SAP solutions has always been something Misa enjoyed—the opportunity to dive into the details when it comes to how systems actually work, how their pieces fit together and how they connect to clients’ business processes. Another important aspect of the job: Bringing a sense of calm to clients, to help them navigate obstacles with greater confidence.

Helping more women become involved in SAP projects is a priority for Misa, who believes that Deloitte teams should bring different perspectives, to enable a more holistic approach to problem-solving and ultimately to help clients gain a competitive edge. 

For women thinking about a career in the SAP world, she recommends looking at SAP solutions through the lens of business and industry, viewing it as an opportunity to get involved in whatever interests you—whether it’s retail, science, professional services, or some other field.

“This definitely an opportunity for you to not only advise, “she says, “but also if you want to build solutions, if you want to help design solutions for your client—it gives you an opportunity to do all of those things.”

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