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Smart Factory

How will you transform manufacturing and enable the smart factory amid constantchange? Discover how Deloitte can help bring together intelligent SAP solutions and other innovations that let you operate more sustainably and move at the speed of disruption—as a built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise™.

Explore real-world possibilities

Get a better view into what is possible—at the Smart Factory @ Wichita, a full-fledged manufacturing facility that serves as an experiential space and innovation playground. The Smart Factory represents an ongoing industry-academia collaboration involving Deloitte, SAP, Wichita State University (Kansas), and others—housed in a net-zero-impact building that includes an integrated environment of digital, physical and experimental technologies. It is one of several global immersive manufacturing experiences designed by Deloitte in collaboration with others.

Make manufacturing more intelligent and flexible

Leveraging sustainable practices and technologies, the Smart Factory shows you first hand how Deloitte can help you innovate operations from the core to the edge—to drive new insights and efficiencies through intelligent automation and connected capabilities. At the Smart Factory, Deloitte has integrated SAP solutions along with IoT, robotics, AR/VR, vision systems, 3D printing, and other tools—creating a flexible environment that can pivot fast using a clean core, cloud, intelligent solutions and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities. Want to see and explore more? Deloitte is collaborating on other immersive manufacturing experiences around the globe, including sites in Germany and Japan.

Deloitte Opens New US Smart Factory in Wichita, Kansas, Convenes Ecosystem of Innovators to Make Industry 4.0 a Reality

Located on the Innovation Campus of Wichita State University, The Smart Factory @ Wichita aims to advance the future of manufacturing, spur innovation through digital transformation.

Benefits of working with Deloitte

End-to-end capabilities

Deloitte brings more than three decades of experience collaborating and co-innovating with SAP as a leading global SAP partner. That experience—as well as our deep experience at the intersection of sustainability and supply chain transformation—means we understand how to tap the power of SAP solutions to meet the specific needs of clients. We tailor our smart factory approach to where you are in your transformation journey … and where you want to go. Deloitte can also support your journey through a full range of capabilities, from strategy development to technology implementation to ongoing operate services.

Tools to help you move fast

Our industry-specific knowhow and proprietary transformation accelerators allow you to minimise risks, compress timelines and see a bigger impact with SAP solutions and smart factory capabilities. To help you launch smart factory capabilities quickly, we leverage preconfigured solutions and industry-specific applications, including our Kinetic Microservices—as well as our IndustryPrint™ approach for aligning technologies with business processes.

Kinetic Enterprise™ approach

Brownfield+ incorporates Deloitte’s holistic Kinetic Enterprise™ methodology—focused on enabling a built-to-evolve enterprise that can run flexibly, using a clean core, cloud, intelligent technologies and edge innovation. By helping you incorporate the elements of the Kinetic Enterprise as part of a smart factory transformation, we help you create a business and systems landscape that can support more effective operations and rapid innovation—so your organisation can respond flexibly to ongoing disruption and perpetually harness change to drive a competitive advantage.