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Digital Supply Chain

Supply chain disruption is here to stay, and flexibility has become a priority. Learn how Deloitte can help you use SAP solutions to enable digital supply chain capabilities and activate a disruption-ready Kinetic Enterprise™ that is capable of anticipating change and pivoting fast.

Transformation on your terms

Deloitte’s digital supply chain services and solutions cover comprehensive scenarios—with a modular, integrated approach to transformation that includes our Kinetic Supply Chain suite of offerings for planning, procurement, distribution and operations.

Our intelligent, preconfigured solutions based on SAP technology allow you to address specific priorities or enterprisewide needs. The benefit? You can define your own digital supply chain journey, transforming on your own terms and timeline.

Enabling resilient, efficient, sustainable supply chains

With capabilities that span the entire “advise, implement, operate” spectrum, Deloitte can help you determine your path, build the business case for transformation, integrate SAP solutions and provide operational support.

We also bring to bear sustainability solutions and services for embedding sustainability across your supply chain—anchored in our “Sustainable by Design” approach for turning data-driven insights into meaningful action.

Our goal? To help clients operate more responsibly, increase efficiency and create supply chains that can respond to the next disruption—whether it is new competitive pressures, a natural disaster, an economic crisis or some other event.

Our Services

Kinetic Enterprise™ approach

Our Kinetic Supply Chain suite and other digital supply chain offerings incorporate Deloitte’s holistic Kinetic Enterprise™ framework—focussed on enabling a built-to-evolve enterprise that can run flexibly, using a clean core, cloud, intelligent technologies and edge innovation. By helping you incorporate the elements of the Kinetic Enterprise as part of a supply chain transformation, we help you create a business and systems landscape that can support more effective operations and rapid innovation—so your organisation can respond flexibly to ongoing disruption and perpetually harness change to drive a competitive advantage.

End-to-end capabilities

Deloitte brings more than three decades of experience collaborating and co-innovating with SAP as a leading global SAP partner. That experience—as well as our deep experience at the intersection of sustainability and supply chain transformation—means we understand how to tap the power of SAP solutions to meet the specific needs of clients. We tailor our digital supply chain approach to where you are in your transformation journey … and where you want to go. Deloitte can also support your journey through a full range of capabilities, from strategy development to technology implementation to ongoing operations.

Tools to help you move fast

Deloitte has focused offerings that are built around SAP solutions and that can address needs across the four major pillars of supply chain.

  • Kinetic Procurement accelerates processes with embedded capabilities for intelligent supply analytics, digital contract management, supplier collaboration and other needs.
  • Kinetic Planning allows you to proactively respond to changing demand, broken supply chain links and other factors—through capabilities such as intelligent demand management and responsive demand supply matching.
  • Kinetic Operations helps make cognitive manufacturing and the smart factory a reality—through shopfloor automation and visibility, plus tools for optimising inventory and production.
  • Kinetic Distribution enables dynamic fulfillment—with capabilities such as automated fulfilment and warehouse operations allowing you to move products with greater efficiency, quality and speed.