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Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform provides a digital foundation to transform ideas into business reality. Deloitte’s Kinetic Enterprise™ approach and industry-specific SAP BTP experience can help create that reality faster—to drive outcomes with data, cloud, AI, intelligent apps and edge innovation.

Putting your business needs first

Deloitte recognises the many roles SAP BTP can play in unlocking value—whether you want to leverage it as an extension suite, an integration hub, or a data analytics powerhouse. To help SAP customers get maximum impact from SAP BTP, we bring a “business first” outlook and solutions set that is rooted in our deep experience across industries and business functions—to address some of the most complex and specific challenges of industry leaders, from automotive to life sciences to telecom.

Unlocking value sooner

Deloitte can help you create and launch capabilities with SAP BTP from the ground up, through our end-to-end services covering needs across the “advise, implement, operate” spectrum. We also show up prepared to give you with a head-start. Deloitte has developed more than 60 ready-to-deploy industry cloud solutions and Kinetic Microservices that leverage the power of SAP BTP. These solutions and Kinetic Microservices target specific business outcomes, such as Operations Agility and Intelligent Spend Management. They are all based on our industry-specific knowhow and supported by other assets that allow you to minimise risks, compress timelines and see a bigger impact with SAP solutions.

Webinar: Moving SAP ERP to the Cloud

Learn more about moving SAP ERP to the cloud, including how to maximise the value realised with SAP RISE and strategies to leverage SAP BTP throughout the process. Learn about Deloitte’s approach, best practices developed from previous client journeys and why keeping a clean core is critical to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Benefits of working with Deloitte

Kinetic Enterprise™ approach

Deloitte’s solutions and capabilitieswith SAP BTP are anchored in our holistic Kinetic Enterprise™methodology—focussed on enabling a built-to-evolve enterprise that can runflexibly, using a clean core, cloud, intelligent technologies and edge innovation. By helping you incorporate the elements of the Kinetic Enterpriseas part of any digital transformation, we help you create a business and systems landscape that can support more effective operations and rapid innovation—so your organisation can respond effectively to ongoing disruption and perpetually harness change to drive a competitive advantage.

End-to-end capabilities

Deloitte brings more than three decades of experience collaborating and co-innovating with SAP as a leading global SAP partner. That experience—as well as our deep experience at the intersection of finance and digital enterprise transformation—means we understand how to tap the power of SAP solutions to meet the specific needs of clients. We tailor our approach to where you are in your transformation journey … and where you want to go. Deloitte can also support your journey through a full range of capabilities, from strategy development to technology implementation to ongoing operate services.

A team focussed on business impact

Certified across SAP technologies, our team knows the ins and out of SAP BTP and the entire SAP portfolio. With more than 26,000 SAP-focussed business and technology professionals worldwide—including industry-specific specialists in procurement, supply chain, customer experience and other needs—Deloitte brings a complete team focussed on helping you unlock complete value, constantly. And our track record of helping SAP customers deliver results has earned us a large collection of SAP Pinnacle Awards, including the first ever SAP Pinnacle Award for SAP BTP in 2022.