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Opening up tennis

Our partnership with the LTA

The LTA have been looking after tennis in the UK for over 130 years, from after-school training sessions in your local park to major international tournaments on your TV. Whether it’s carefully mowed grass or space age synthetic turf, the chances are that the court you’re playing on is managed by the LTA. It’s a nationwide network of coaches, administrators and volunteers that’s all about rackets, clubs, and community.

Tennis. You watch a bit on TV every summer. Maybe you’ve peered through the gates in the park. There might even be a couple of old rackets gathering dust in your shed. It could be the perfect way to stay fit, make friends, and challenge yourself… but where do you start?

Together with the LTA, we wanted to give tennis a digital makeover, introducing changes that make the sport more accessible and appealing to first timers, while also improving the experience for existing players and fans.

Tennis is a sport for anyone. The LTA manages over 23,000 courts and has a passionate network of volunteers and coaches. There’s enough space for millions of new players and there’s a wealth of specialist skills and knowledge spread across the country. Everyone should feel welcome, no matter what their background or experience. Together with the LTA, we want to open up the sport and bring it to communities that have traditionally been left behind and remove the barriers that stop them from playing tennis and being active.

As LTA’s Director of Digital and Major Events, Chris Pollard put it, “we want to make booking a tennis court as simple as ordering a takeaway”.

Tennis opened up docuseries

We started this partnership like all good relationships - by getting to know the people. We spoke to hundreds of coaches, players, and other members of the tennis community, to get the inside track on where things could be improved.

Together we identified some key areas where changes could be made. Explore the panels below to find out more.

Our partnership with the LTA is still growing. We’ve helped the LTA exceed its target of growing participation in tennis across Britain by 1.5m since 2020. There’s real change happening and clubs are growing their membership and adapting to new systems.

We believe tennis can and will be better, if we share our skills, drive and determination. As one coach put it, ”It’s been really helpful to speak to someone who is ambitious and can challenge me to think more about what I can achieve and push those boundaries.”

So why not explore the links below to find out about how to start your own tennis journey with the LTA.

It’s amazing what can happen when you open things up. And that applies to tennis, just as much as it does to business or society in general.

”It’s been really helpful to speak to someone who is ambitious and can challenge me to think more about what I can achieve and push those boundaries.”