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Deloitte and Circulor Alliance

Serving growing customer needs for supply chain visibility

About our alliance

Deloitte and Circulor recognise that greater visibility into complex industrial supply chains is now a business imperative. The traceability necessary to demonstrate that products are sourced responsibly and sustainably is in growing demand from both customers and regulators.

The Circulor platform allows the tracking of raw materials through the entire life cycle from cradle to cradle. Circulor also calculates inherited scope 3 emissions from granular primary data collected along the entire value chain.

Deloitte’s expertise will help to unlock the full potential of Circulor, supporting organisations in implementing and scaling the solution to address the dual challenge of regulatory compliance and decarbonisation. This alliance enables clients to accelerate progress toward their ESG and circularity goals, mitigating inherited risks as well as creating new business opportunities.