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What it takes to be a champion

Our partnerships with Team GB and ParalympicsGB.

Jumping into a pool with the kids on Saturday morning, kicking a ball in the park with your mates on a Sunday afternoon, going for a neighbourhood run on a Thursday evening. We’re a nation of sports lovers who want to take part. We don’t do it for glory, we do it for the love of it.

Team GB and ParalympicsGB want to build on our passion for sport and grow it. Because the spirit of the Games is bigger than an individual athlete, and more valuable than a medal. It’s about a future where everyone can thrive, everyone is invited, and anything is possible.


Welcome to Mindscape

Together with Team GB and ParalympicsGB we’ve launched a digital experience called Mindscape that takes people inside the minds of athletes to help people understand what it really takes to be a champion, on and off the field of play.

We often think it’s about winning. The medal. The record. The recognition. But we know it’s about much more than that. It’s about acceptance, resilience, changing attitudes, inclusion, and allyship.

Come on in and explore what it takes to perform at your best with Team GB, from the initial inspiration and hard work to the sacrifice and acute feelings of success… or failure. And the impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Or discover what it means to be a ParalympicsGB athlete and a disabled person in Great Britain today, from competing on the world stage at the Paralympic Games, to the barriers faced in every-day life.


Mindscape will leave you thinking differently about disability and wellbeing. Ready to be a true champion and help move the world forwards.

Welcome to Mindscape

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As Digital Transformation Partner to both Team GB and ParalympicsGB and we’ve been delivering projects that are helping them stay relevant with their customers and stakeholders, and to help use their platforms for good.

We’ve put in new technology, installed systems, upskilled staff, and helped implement new ways to capture, connect, and retain fans. First helping the organisations understand how digital can help achieve their strategic aims and deliver on their purpose, before setting out the pathway to deliver on this vision.

As a result, Team GB and ParalympicsGB now not only better understand who their audiences are, but have better ways to access their fanbase and stakeholders, with the ability to personalise communications, all helping to grow and activate their communities inside and outside of Games time.

We’ve already seen a significant enhancement in engagement across communications., helped Team GB to rebuild their database (growth of 190% and counting in under six months), and seen ParalympicsGB to grow and activate their community of fans and athletes.


True partnership


We’ve been working as an official partner to Team GB for 15 years, from the monumental spectacle of London 2012, through to Rio 2016, and the delayed Tokyo 2020, we’re proud to be part of the BOA’s transformational journey.

Together we’ve seen significant changes, not just to Team GB’s performance in the medal table, but to the organisation as a whole, and you – the everyday athletes who are finding their own extraordinary.

True Partnership – Deloitte and the British Olympic Association

A video on our decade-old partnership with the British Olympic Association (BOA) and Team GB.