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Black Action Plan

Five key commitments aligned to the firm’s global shared values of fostering inclusion and taking care of each other

The Deloitte Black Experience


Three years on from launching our Black Action Plan, we have reflected on the steps we have taken, consulted with our Black colleagues and used insights from our Inclusion and Ethnicity Councils and Engage for Change survey to help us understand the impact our actions have made and where we still need to do more.

These insights have shown that while we have made some good progress, particularly around creating space for conversation, we need to do more to materially change our Black colleagues’ experience and ensure consistency. To increase our focus and drive momentum across our firm, we have evolved our Black Action Plan into The Deloitte Black Experience.


We are focused on:


  • Supporting and encouraging our leaders and people to have meaningful conversations about discrimination and racism through our ‘Can You Hear Me’ sessions. These are focused conversations on the experiences of Black colleagues, with leadership driving the narrative around discrimination and racism.
  • Improving the onboarding experience and key moments within the employee lifecycle for Black colleagues.
  • Delivering educational sessions on mental, physical and financial health, as insights show these can disproportionally impact those from a Black heritage. Sessions already delivered include those on polycystic ovary syndrome and managing anxiety at work. We have also run a blood donation drive for Sickle Cell disease.



  • Improving access to sponsorship and mentoring opportunities for Black colleagues and providing practical tools to support sponsors. For example, through our Future Leaders Programme.
  • ‘Ask the Leader’ sessions that help Black colleagues better navigate our firm while providing opportunities to network with senior Black role models and learn from their career success.



  • Monitoring the application of senior promotion criteria, alongside a continued focus on succession planning for our Black talent.
  • Using data to identify specific skillsets where we lack Black representation and taking action to improve this. For example, we sponsor Black Tech Fest, a virtual three-day festival celebrates Black culture, showcases innovation and creates pathways for underrepresented talent in the technology space.



Diversity and Inclusion - Our vision


Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our People and Purpose agenda. We want to continually cultivate a culture and an environment where our people have a strong sense of belonging and can be their true authentic selves and reach their full potential. But we know we have more to do.

In May 2020, the murder of George Floyd kick-started widespread global protests and conversations about the treatment of the Black community. For our firm, the Black Lives Matter movement was a moment for reflection. And it highlighted the need for a specific focus on our Black colleagues. We hosted a series of listening sessions for our people across all parts of the firm with a focus on hearing from and understanding the experiences of our Black colleagues.

Our Black Action Plan was launched via a firmwide webinar to 20,000 of Deloitte’s people. The plan included actions to improve every aspect of our employee experience, as well as how we work with our clients and wider society.

On the future of the plan as part of our wider People & Purpose Agenda, Jackie Henry, Managing Partner said:
“I am proud of the efforts of our people in uniting behind and delivering our Black Action Plan. We are building the foundations to ensure that our firm is reflective of society, but acknowledge we have much further to go and more work to do.  We’ll continue to develop our colleagues, track our progress against our targets and embed inclusive behaviours into our culture and ways of working.”

Equal opportunities

We reviewed and improved our policies and processes – for colleagues, candidates, hiring managers and our recruitment teams – to ensure we’re attracting and developing the best and most diverse talent, and that everyone has a fair and positive experience.

Completed in FY21

  • Reviewed our promotion processes for Directors and Partners to ensure equity
  • Refreshed training for hiring managers to address racial bias in candidate selection
  • Reviewed and improved early careers recruitment processes
  • Market perception research with Black professionals
Developing our people

Alongside improving our recruitment and selection processes for external candidates, we have been working to ensure that our own people have access to the development and support they need to thrive at our firm and become leaders of the future.

Completed in FY21

  • Emerging Leaders Programme for 166 Black and minority ethnicity Senior Managers and Directors
  • Reverse Mentoring Programme, pairing 280 Black and ethnic minority colleagues with Partners and Directors
Culture and behaviours

Achieving real and meaningful change requires all of us to think and act differently – this is a cultural change, and that is hard and it takes time. And it starts with education and understanding.

Completed in FY21

  • Mandatory training for all, covering race bias, micro-behaviours and inclusive language
  • ‘Talking About Race’ sessions completed by over 50% of our 2,600 Partners and Directors to date
  • Launched our Black Network and Multicultural Network Allies Community
  • Reviewed the diversity of our Mental Health Champion and R&I Advisor communities
Our brand and platform

We have a responsibility to look outside the (virtual) walls of our firm. We have been using our brand and influence to help bring about social change – working with our clients, industry peers, charity partners and suppliers. Completed in FY21

Measurement and reporting

Finally, to keep us on track, we’ve set targets, and have continued to monitor and report on our outcomes.

  • Committed to 12% of Ethnic Minority and 3% of Black partners by 2025.
  • Following our latest round of promotions in June 2021, 11 new partners are from Ethnic Minority backgrounds, equating to 14% of the promotions and include one new Black partner, totalling seven Black partners in the UK. Those identifying as Ethnic Minority now represent 7% of Deloitte’s total partners and 13% directors.

What's next?


We’ve achieved a lot over the past three years, but we know there’s still much more to do. This is an ongoing journey – not a single year effort. Our priorities for the year ahead include:

  • Evolving our ethnicity pay gap reporting to be even more transparent
  • Continuing to support our leaders, providing data and insights to hold them to account for ongoing progress towards our inclusion targets.

Other elements of our Black Action Plan will start to move into business as usual. We’ll continue to develop our colleagues, track our progress against our targets and embed inclusive behaviours into our culture and ways of working.

Our Multicultural Network (MCN) hosts activities and events from online cook-alongs to podcasts - all captured on our @DeloitteUK_MCN twitter feed.


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