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Taking climate action through WorldClimate

Deloitte has launched WorldClimate - our global plan to achieve net zero by 2030 and drive responsible climate choices within our organisation and beyond.

Our biggest priority is reducing emissions. We’ve set and shared ambitious goals that touch on every aspect of our organisation and which are guiding the action our people are taking with clients, alliance partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Backed by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI), they’re in line with Paris Agreement ambitions – to keep the world within a 1.5°C temperature increase. We’ve also joined UN’s Race to Zero campaign - the largest ever alliance committed to achieve net zero emissions.

Empowering our people

WorldClimate is empowering our entire business to take action on climate change,” said Deloitte’s WorldClimate director Nicola Weir. “We’re asking every one of our people to join us on the journey to net zero.

“This means making conscious decisions each day in support of our targets, and connecting with clients, alliance partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to drive the change we all want to see.”

Using our bespoke interactive climate impact assessment tool, our #iAct campaign encourages each person to set their own climate action commitments, in their work and home lives.

Created with support from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the #iAct assessment tool asked people to think about the decisions they make when heating and cooling their homes, buying new items with packaging, making travel choices and more.

“This first-of-a-kind initiative has helped empower our people to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The campaign ended with a global livestreamed event which saw thousands tune-in worldwide,” Nicola concluded.

We’re asking every one of our people to join us on the journey to net zero.

Nicola Weir
Deloitte WorldClimate director

Taking responsibility

Meaningful change takes dedicated leadership and accountability – and our Executive Group is responsible for the success of our WorldClimate strategy, overseeing the transformation required to reach our reductions targets.

This year we signed onto all three of the core initiatives of The Climate Group to drive climate action quickly – one of only a handful of companies to make the triple commitments of supporting renewable energy, electric vehicle adoption and energy productivity.

We also announced the introduction of a new default pension for our 35,000 pension plan members. With £1 billion of pensions investment, the move saw us become the largest investor in Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) Sustainable World Index Fund, which assesses investments across environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, while also supporting markets and organisations that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Looking outside of our firm, we’re also supporting markets and organisations contribute to a more sustainable future, helping businesses and governments on their own net zero journeys.

“Our aim is to be a catalyst for change, supporting clients to remove carbon from their businesses activities, and identify opportunities to transition to a new green economy,” said Tim Archer, who is leading Deloitte’s Race to Net Zero offering.

We've launched a new website full of inspiration featuring leaders from our clients and organisations we're connected to who are playing a leading role in climate action. With expert perspectives from organisations like WWF and the Met Office, our new climate hub shares ideas that inspire action. 

“Nobody has all the answers,” said Tim, “but we want to use our influence to encourage change across our network of clients across the globe, as well as among our people.”

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