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Making lasting changes for a sustainable world

Change starts with all of us. And when we come together to create a sustainable future through our actions – we can make an impact that truly matters, for people, clients and society.

Ed Shedd

Sustainability Practice Lead for Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE)

“We know bold commitments are necessary – which is why we continue to pursue ambitious goals to transform and embed sustainability in everything we do. We are empowering our own people to orchestrate systemic change to achieve tangible impact that matters on climate, nature and society by leading clients, partners and coalitions to deliver transformation at speed. Our commitment to the market is to bring together the best of our expertise and services, in new seamless multi-disciplinary ways to help other organisations with a focus on four high impact systems: Accelerating the Energy Transition; Developing Sustainable Food Systems; Building a Circular World; Creating Nature based solutions for Business & Society.”

To lead our own journey towards a better future, we founded WorldClimate in 2020, our transformation to become a sustainable firm, with science-based targets for reducing our carbon footprint. We believe this transformation requires holistic thought and action, so we’re making sustainability central to how we work.

We’re inspiring and empowering our people to drive this change through their own sustainable choices. And we’re collaborating with external partners to achieve a net zero world in new seamless multi-disciplinary ways. This way, by bringing together the best of our expertise and services, we are helping organisations to deliver large-scale, and lasting, sustainable transformation.

We believe that collectively we can drive positive change.


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Reducing our carbon footprint

We are committed to reaching our long-term net zero objectives ahead of the 2050 timeframe set out by the best available science. To enable this, we have set ambitious short-term science-based carbon reduction targets to drive the first phase of our transformation.

Since 2019, we have reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions across NSE by 26% per full-time employee. Within this, we’ve reduced our direct Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 60%, and our Scope 3 business travel emissions by 64% per FTE, in line with our WorldClimate targets.

We’re proud of our progress so far. We also know that there’s much further to go to reach net zero – and we’ll keep working at it until we do. Explore our detailed greenhouse gas emissions and environmental metrics.

Making sustainable delivery our default

With over 75,000 people working across Deloitte North and South Europe, the sustainable choices we make when delivering our services affect not only our ability to reach net zero emissions, but also our clients'. We want working sustainably to be the default way of doing business with Deloitte. To ensure this happens, our partners and people are encouraged to be role models for our digital-first culture and use smart tools to deliver client engagements more sustainably.

To formalise our commitment, we are introducing a Sustainable Delivery Clause in our client engagement letters and contracts across NSE. This clause enables us to work together with clients to find more sustainable ways of working. From prioritising virtual collaboration, to choosing the most sustainable ways to travel when meeting in person for the moments that really matter.

“The Sustainable Delivery Clause helps us to open a dialogue with our clients on the path to net zero and to challenge old ways of working so that – together – we can put sustainable delivery at the heart of all commercial activity.”

Richard Houston

Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE)

“Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge businesses face. As well as supporting our clients to make changes, it’s key we prioritise sustainability within our own firm.”

Smruti Naik-Jones

NSE Chief Sustainability Officer

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Empowering our people to find solutions


Our people care about climate change and want to be part of the solution. They want to use their talent, knowledge, and connections to accelerate impactful climate action through their own sustainable choices and the insight and advice we share with clients. 

That’s why we continue to invest in our sustainability teams, including the appointment of Smruti Naik-Jones as the first Chief Sustainability Officer for NSE, as well as a Climate Steering Committee which reports into the NSE Executive. In addition, we have over 500 Climate Champions across NSE advocating the importance of climate action, adopting new ways of working and holding us to account. “What I value most is that our sustainability strategy inspires everyone in Deloitte to adopt a transformative and sustainable mindset in our work. This influences our clients to embrace a broader impact as well. Together, the collective power of our like-minded team amplifies the significance of our efforts to build a sustainable future,” says Andrea Longobardo, Climate Change Analyst from Deloitte Italy.

Furthermore, we encourage our people across NSE to complete our globally co-ordinated Climate Learning programme, and in November 2022, we hosted our second annual NSE sustainability bootcamp where employees with less than two years’ experience participated in a week-long learning journey. During the Swiss Sustainability Week, our people participated in climate workshops, and clothes and book swaps. And in the Netherlands, together with the University of Groningen, we organised two editions of an executive learning programme for Deloitte partners. This programme aimed to provide a clear picture of developments in the field of climate and sustainability, national and international policies and legislations, and how they impact the planet, people, businesses and entrepreneurship. Through a co-ordinated approach to sustainability education, we aim to expand the learning programmes developed in Switzerland and the Netherlands to more geographies, ensuring we are educating more of our people across NSE.

Our people also came together in April to make a difference during Earth Month 2023, through volunteering opportunities, social media, webinars and live events. Over 3,000 people attended one of our 18 live events during this month, and our social media posts were viewed by more than 100,000. View our 2023 Earth Month impact infographic to learn more.

Giki recommends personalised steps for every lifestyle and budget and is now available to all our people across NSE.

Transforming our operations through ambitious initiatives

We’re changing the way we run things to reduce our carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. The buildings we work in, the products we use. It all adds up.

Since 2020, we have procured 100% renewable electricity across our NSE estate and will continue to do so. We have also taken measures to lower our energy consumption – for example, we reduced the office temperature range across our UK estate, donating the cost saving of £75,000 to our charity partner Scope. In the last three years, we have transitioned to an 80% gas-free footprint in the Netherlands, received a MIPIM award for our new Deloitte University opening in France, and will soon be moving into the first BREEAM Outstanding building in Finland. To further embed sustainability, we have trained over 280 staff across NSE on Better Buildings – our internal sustainable real estate framework.

A variety of local initiatives continue to transform our operations and we are proud of these achievements. In Denmark, we conducted an energy audit to reduce energy consumption and encouraged our people to change behaviours such as reducing oven usage in the canteen. In Finland, we’re offering a tax-free bike benefit to support sustainable commuting and wellbeing. From May 2023, in Belgium, all remaining diesel and petrol cars are gradually being replaced by electric vehicles when their lease expires.

We continue to drive progress towards our target to have 67% of our global supply chain set science-based targets by 2025 (by emissions). To encourage this, we are engaging with our strategic suppliers and changing our procurement processes. And as the sustainability impacts of our supply chain go beyond carbon emissions, we are taking steps to minimise our impacts and dependencies on nature. For example, in the Netherlands, we’re extending the life of our IT hardware such as laptops and we've switched to using refurbished iPhones by default, thereby reducing our overall consumption.

Forming partnerships that enable the sustainable transition

No person or organisation can accelerate climate action in isolation. We’re using our networks and our skills to develop cross-sector alliances to drive systems change and support the global transition to net zero, by investing in innovative solutions beyond our value chain.

In the field of circularity, our partnership with Circle Economy brings together a team of leading specialists in research, circularity measurement and strategic transformation, with an ambition to help businesses scale adoption of circularity practices. We also continue our collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and The VF Foundation on the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) Fashion Initiative, helping the fashion sector to reduce the industry's climate and nature impact.

We have provided skills-based support to activities and advocacy for accelerated decarbonisation across society, with £900k invested in expert support to our charity partners, including support for Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust’s business model development and for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC) Ocean Ambassadors report.

As a member of the Earthshot Prize Global Alliance, we have invested over £1 million in pro bono support and mentorship to The Earthshot Prize finalists, to amplify their impact. The Earthshot Prize, created by HRH Prince William, is designed to find solutions to help repair our planet in this decade. Some of the finalists we supported from the 2021 Inaugural Earthshot Prize are now providing innovative climate solutions, including Sanergy, a social enterprise operating in Nairobi delivering a sustainable end-to-end sanitation solution that delivers public health and environmental gains. And SOLshare is upgrading Dhaka’s fleet of electric rickshaws with its game-changing idea for power-sharing in Bangladesh.

In the Dutch Caribbean, by teaming up with the Ryan de Jongh Charity Foundation to reforest mangroves in Curaçao, Deloitte colleagues from the Netherlands are helping to create a sustainable and social legacy.

Looking ahead, we’re continuing to shift our focus from compensation for past emissions to understanding how we can actively contribute to societal decarbonisation. This means using our reach and capabilities, skills and financial investments, to protect and restore nature, amplify solutions that tackle emissions and boost innovation.

“Our real estate portfolio has a large impact, so sustainability is a key consideration when leasing and operating our offices. We look for buildings that have strong environmental performance, are designed with wellbeing in mind and are close to the public transport network. We are also reimagining our workspaces within them, with the ambition that everywhere we work – from Helsinki to Edinburgh – will support our commitments to hybrid working, sustainable delivery and be helping us progress towards net zero.”

Gavin Harrison

Head of Sustainability at NSE

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