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Supporting Hannah More Primary School

Connecting with our local community to make a difference to young people

Deloitte is proud of its community partnership with Hannah More Primary School and is committed to positively impacting the lives of its pupils.

Hannah More is a mid-sized primary school situated in central Bristol that serves a diverse student population and works hard to maintain and grow its close ties to the local community. Its vision is of a dynamic, engaged and thriving community that inspires ambition, pride and success in every child.

Every week since 2008, that is until the pandemic hit, Deloitte volunteers from our Bristol office have been taking time out of their working day to visit Hannah More Primary school, located at a short distance from our office. Our people engage with the children as their reading buddies or number partners. Activities range from one-to-one reading sessions to group number games.

It’s all about helping local school children develop the skills they’ll need, introducing them to positive role models and inspiring them for the future. And, of course, having some fun along the way.

Our community programmes have changed over the course of our relationship. There have been office Community Days which have seen some of our people spending the day lending a hand on school renovations or working with the children on special projects. Like creating a collage together to display on a classroom wall or making pinhole cameras and taking photos together.

We’ve also often supported their annual day trip to the Forest of Dean. For some of the children, the visit has been their first ever trip to the countryside; it’s an experience that enriches their lives and inspires them for the future.

We’ve also bought library books for the school and donated laptops. These are just some of the ways we’ve been helping school children on their path towards a bright future.

Want to find out more? Here’s an article that explores the different ways we work with Hannah More Primary School.

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