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What makes our audit & assurance people tick?

Audit & Assurance

You might not think an auditor could be a social media influencer. Or that interior design might inspire decisions related to assurance. But creativity goes a long way in the world of assurance. And preconceptions about an audit just being number crunching are wide of the mark.

Meet Jag Dhaliwal, auditor, blogger and rising TikTok sensation…

Jag is a manager in audit with a knack for vlogging. She shares her career tips on the ICAEW website and via her TikTok channel.

What made you become a social media influencer?

One thing I distinctly remember was looking for advice online when I was doing my ACA and not being able to find much. It made me want to share my own experience and help others on their journey which is why I started my online blog. Once I started, opportunities presented themselves, like articles, writing my book, vlogging with the ICAEW and creating my own social media channels on TikTok and YouTube. Before I knew it, the videos were catching on, and I built up a following.

What’s popular on TikTok in the world of audit?

Viewers seem to love the ‘day in the life’ content, where I give them a look into an average day working in audit. And then there’s plenty of stuff for graduates, from different routes to becoming a chartered accountant, interview or promotion tips, and more. I’m really just trying to give people more insight and show them what’s possible!

How did you get into auditing?

I wasn't entirely sure what direction I'd take after graduating, and there were a couple of other avenues, including teaching. My dad actually initially brought up the idea of doing the ACA graduate scheme with Deloitte. The scheme appealed to me as I could work whilst earning a qualification. And on the scheme, I realised auditing involved lots of teamwork and client interaction – elements I really enjoy.

What does a career in A&A look like at Deloitte?

The role is very varied – and I work across all kinds of sectors. Everyone thinks it's all about numbers, but it’s not. There is a hands-on element too - everything from stock checking medicines at a pharmacy to looking at the manufacturing process at a factory, to physically checking a university teaching building actually exists.

Everyone wants to audit…

I get loads of people reaching out to me on social channels, asking for advice about getting into auditing. I've created a community on Telegram for people sitting their ACA exams so I can offer advice and they can talk to each other about their experiences. I also use social media to provide interview tips and cover general career topics that I think people might find interesting.

Green shoots…

We’re set to hire at least 1,200 new auditors and assurance professionals every year between now and 2027. This includes 885 graduates and school leavers in 2022 alone. More than half of the roles will be based outside of London, in a range of areas critical to audit

Investing in our future…

We are investing more than £125 million in the firm’s audit product and quality improvements, as well as on learning and development for the audit and assurance teams.

Katie Houldsworth, UK People & Purpose Leader in Audit & Assurance on what’s important at the start of a career in audit and assurance:

“For me, the most important thing is curiosity and the willingness to keep learning. Audit and assurance is vital and valued – it helps business to run smoothly.”


“No two days are the same and I’m happy to say every day of my life at Deloitte, I’ve learnt something new.”


“The scope of audit and assurance is broader than ever and the world is changing. So we’re investing in the right tech and the right people, in areas like cyber, technology, data and analytics.”

Going the distance with associate partner in portfolio audit, Nick Bowker…

Nick has been with Deloitte for 10 years, so he knows a thing or two about going the distance. This might also explain his 22nd-place finish in the London Marathon (fifth when you exclude the professional runners).

Describe your route to becoming an auditor?

After graduating with a degree in accounting and working for a mid-tier firm, I made the jump to insurance audit with Deloitte in 2012. It was a great opportunity to work for a huge organisation – and a diverse range of people from all different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

What do you enjoy about audit?

Many people think auditing is just numbers-based, but there’s a strong human aspect too. I work in portfolio audit, which means I work with fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses focused on the insurance industry. It’s a rare opportunity to see deeply within a business - what drives a company, what makes it successful. And I get to help and support that journey through our audit services.

What does running mean to you?

Going for a run is one of the most important parts of my day as it gets my head in the right space. It's important to have something to focus on outside of work, and Deloitte encourages that.

How do you find the right work-life balance?

Flexible working has been a game-changer. I was able to run the London Marathon last year and finished 22nd, which included professional runners. There weren’t many fathers with two toddlers and a full-time job ahead of me!

From interior design to ESG assurance, Liz Chesculescu…

Liz is a manager in ESG Assurance and recently returned to the firm having first joined as a graduate. Prior to returning, she carved out an alternative career in interior design, and volunteered in sustainability while living in the States.

In the corporate world, investors are now increasingly wanting more transparency from companies on ESG. Auditors are looking to see if companies are reporting their climate risks, while assurance enables businesses to back up their statements about reducing carbon emissions or plastic use, for example.

Tell us about your journey with Deloitte

I initially came to Deloitte because I knew qualifying as an accountant would open up plenty of options. Several years later, I changed career to follow a long-time interest in interior design. When I headed to the US with my husband and family, I did some work volunteering in sustainability - and I was surprised by how mainstream it had become when I arrived back in the UK in 2020. I came full circle - back to Deloitte and taking a role in ESG Assurance, combining my passion for sustainability, my chartered accountant background, and the transferable skills I honed as an interior designer.

How does interior design compare to working in assurance? Are there any similarities?

I have always been passionate about sustainable design and took the leap to start my own business, after gaining a diploma in interior design. I see parallels between the two industries, whether it's understanding project-based work, managing lots of different stakeholders, or building relationships.

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