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Getting smart about money

GoHenry’s financial education app and debit card teaches children about money management.


GoHenry has given pocket money a twenty-first century update. Millions of parents and kids are using its pre-paid debit card and app, learning about money in a way that's fun and empowering while developing financial skills for life.

A team from Deloitte Legal is proud to have supported GoHenry's expansion into the European market – just one step on the company's inspiring journey towards sharing its approach to financial wellbeing with more families across the world.


Can you remember when you learned about managing money? Or the last time you discussed your spending habits with friends or family?

Knowing how to manage our finances is an important skill. But for such a fundamental part of day-to-day life, money management often doesn’t get the conversational airtime it should.

Lots of us are still influenced by the old taboo that we shouldn’t talk about money. So it’s unsurprising that half of all UK adults don’t feel confident managing it.

The explosion of fintech has offered new opportunities in the form of digital tools like spending notifications and budget planners to help adults take control of their money and improve their financial wellbeing.

But with studies showing that many of our money-related habits are formed by the age of seven, shouldn’t proactive financial education start earlier in life?

“The earlier we can start talking to kids about money the better,” says Louise Hill, founder of GoHenry. “Like swimming, financial education is an essential life skill that young people should receive expert training on, rather than being thrown in at the deep end when they leave full time education.”

“Our research shows that 51 per cent of those who received financial education as a child have up to £5,000 cash savings in an ISA or savings account compared to almost a third of those who didn't,” she continues. “Not to mention, those adults who don’t learn about money when they’re young are less likely to save and more likely to fall into debt.

Money in a digital world

Founded by parents, GoHenry began life as a simple, digital, and smart way for parents and kids to manage pocket money.

“Topping up my kids’ iTunes and games accounts was getting out of control, in addition to scrambling around for cash for their weekly allowance. I realised there was nothing in society that could help teach my own children about how to be good with money in an increasingly digital world,” says Louise.

Designed to empower kids and teens to learn by doing, its pre-paid debit card offers them a controlled way to spend, meaning they can get valuable hands-on experience and build confidence.

“We live in an increasingly complicated financial world, and this is why children need a strong financial education. The advantages of teaching financial education means that all children and young people will have the skills they need to plan for the future, remain solvent and avoid getting into problem debt later in life,” Louise continues.

"I created GoHenry because there was nothing in society that could teach young people key money skills in an increasingly cashless world.

"Our mission is all about making kids smart with money, which means helping them understand wants vs. needs, creating savings habits, giving money to help others, taking responsibility for spending decisions and learning that when money is gone, it’s gone."

Louise Hill

Co-founder and COO of GoHenry

“Since it launched over 10 years ago, GoHenry has effectively created a new fintech market for children and young people. With such an inspiring story and purpose, all of us – especially our more junior lawyers – really value having the opportunity to support its ambitions.”

Charles Claisse

Partner, Deloitte Legal

Founded by parents

After inviting customers to participate in its growth, GoHenry broke the equity crowdfunding world record in 2016 and again in 2018 before seeking institutional funding.

 “A great fintech idea is one people can really get behind and see a need for,” says Deloitte Legal partner Charles Claisse, who leads Deloitte Legal’s work supporting the company.

“Since it launched over 10 years ago, GoHenry has effectively created a new fintech market for children and young people. With such an inspiring story and purpose, all of us – especially our more junior lawyers – really value having the opportunity to support its ambitions.”

Raising finance and expanding into new territories are essential parts of building a fintech that can keep growing and innovating its services to meet customer needs.

GoHenry asked Deloitte Legal to support its institutional funding rounds that would help the company’s international growth and further development of their digital services, with the acquisition of French fintech Pixpay, which strengthened its offer to European customers.

More recently, the company joined forces with US saving and investment app Acorns – an alliance that’s grown its community from over two million parents and children in Europe to almost six million subscribers globally.

“With our recent European expansion, our alliance with Acorns and plans for continued growth, we’re excited to reach even more kids and deliver financial wellness to the whole family through all of life’s stages,” says Louise. “Never has there been a greater need for easy-to-use products that simplify savings and encourage everyone from kids to adults to build strong money habits.”

“It’s great to see GoHenry continue to grow in this way,” Charles concludes. “We’re looking forward to seeing the company evolve and expect the team to make an even bigger positive impact on financial education for families in the future.”

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