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Helping to address Ireland’s infrastructure deficit

Historic under-investment and changing societal expectations are driving requirements for infrastructure spend.


Ireland’s growing population has different expectations as to the type of economy and country in which we want to live. Historic under-investment in infrastructure and changing societal demands are impacting all our lives, requiring strategic investment and urgent improvement.


Ireland’s population is projected to increase by one million by 2040, which will require major infrastructural changes. New homes, jobs and amenities will be needed to meet both the basic needs and deliver a good quality of life for all. The Government’s Project Ireland 2040 is a strategic plan to build a resilient and sustainable future in anticipation of this increased population. This will include more environmentally sustainable measures, improved regional connectivity and additional cultural and social facilities. We are drawing on the breadth and depth of expertise from across our business, to support clients build a sustainable, equitable and resilient future, as we strive towards Project Ireland 2040.

This decade will prove crucial in ensuring we can deliver the type of future in which we as citizens want to live. Through creating accessible, affordable, high-quality services, we can tackle some of our biggest global challenges head on – climate crisis, economic crisis, health crisis, and social injustices. Shareholders recognise the changing societal expectations too, and increasingly demand investments that are equitable and deliver a positive social impact. Green investments and sustainable business practices are essential to address the climate crisis and meet consumers’ expectations.

We are working with clients across housing, health, justice, telecommunications and energy sectors (among others), to ensure the infrastructure being developed today, supports our future nation.

“I’m proud of the role our Deloitte team is playing in helping clients to address the infrastructure deficit in Ireland.

The recently-launched Infrastructure for Good barometer shows that, while Ireland ranks 6th from the countries surveyed, we still have a way to go in addressing society’s needs for the benefit of all. That opportunity to work on interesting projects and create a positive impact for the society around us is a huge part of why working at Deloitte is so interesting.”

Eoin O’Lideadha
Deloitte Partner, Financial Advisory

For example, our Financial Advisory team works with developers and State organisations to support the delivery of housing, addressing significant deficits in one of the most basic of human needs. Our Consulting and Financial Advisory teams work across the health sector to increase capacity and improve efficiency. Our Consulting team supports clients across the justice and security sector to improve services for citizens. Significant investments by our telecoms clients support rural Ireland, enabling remote working and enhancing regional connectivity to support Ireland’s ambition of equality of access for everyone irrespective of location.

Our multidisciplinary teams are supporting our energy sector clients to deliver significant investments that support Ireland’s green transition agenda including across grid, wind, solar and alternative energy sources. The country faces very significant, time-critical challenges to deliver on Ireland’s Climate Action agenda. We work with clients on a daily basis to measure impacts, devise strategies and deliver investments to decarbonise our economy across multiple sectors including energy, transport, and construction.

Individuals, communities, future generations, and the environment will all benefit from efficient, sustainable, quality infrastructure. When these infrastructural improvements address key social, economic and environmental gaps then society as a whole benefits. To build a truly better future for Ireland requires a multidisciplinary approach bringing together the public and private sectors to make an impact. Only by working together in this way can we improve the quality of life and benefit society at all levels.

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