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Making it matter in The Green Room

How our podcast (and guests) have brought business topics to life this year


The power of conversation never ceases to amaze us. Understanding a complex issue. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Asking difficult questions. Changing our perceptions. Here’s how our podcast has helped do this.

Those of you who’ve been following The Green Room podcast know we explore the issues that matter most to business – from climate and technology to inclusion and the future of work. Today we’re looking back at a pretty special year for the pod. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.

Conversations that matter

We’ve come a long way over the past four years and 50+ episodes. But at the end of the day, it’s still all about the quality of conversation – and shining a light on the topics that matter most in business.

From understanding more about the circular economy and how we can tackle financial crime to learning about behavioural science and whether AI can help us be more human, season six has been one for the books.

But you can’t have a great podcast without great guests. And we’ve been fortunate enough to be joined by some pretty inspiring people this year – from bestselling authors and CEOs to LGBTQ+ rights activists.

Here are three top ideas from this past season:

Powered by people
The Green Room may be a business podcast, but we’re here to put a face to our brand. To show who we are and what we stand for.

It’s a platform to showcase the wonderful diversity and expertise we have at the firm, from sustainability leaders to financial crime experts. But it’s also powered by ideas, feedback and support from all corners of the firm.

That backing became very visible during our May campaign, when our colleagues flooded LinkedIn with selfies posing in front of the ads:


And it’s our people we turn to when we need some help too. Because with the pod going from strength to strength, we needed another talented host. After another round of internal X Factor-style auditions, we're thrilled to welcome Annie Wong to our regular hosts for more conversations that matter.

Top of the charts

The biggest moment of the year was running an out-of-home advertising campaign to position the firm as having a voice on the issues that matter, with The Green Room at its heart. From billboards in train and tube stations across the UK to widespread advertising on digital, radio and other podcasts, we reached over 40 million people.

And the results were there. We made the top five business charts on Spotify, and top six on Apple Podcasts. What’s more, we’re now the biggest branded business podcast in the UK, sitting alongside big hitters like Steven Bartlett, Martin Lewis and The Financial Times.

And of course, thousands of new listeners have since subscribed. People could listen to any podcast out there, but it makes us proud they choose to spend their time with us.

That's a wrap

These are just some of our highlights. If we’re still going strong, it’s because of the people who’ve supported us along the way – our fantastic studio, our creative production team, and most of all our listeners. So, whether you’ve been there from the start or are new to the show, thank you for being part of The Green Room.

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