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Deloitte Digital Connect

Scaling impact through technology

Digital transformation isn’t just tech. It’s human.

What’s Deloitte Digital Connect?

Deloitte Digital Connect, a 5 Million Futures initiative, was developed in response to the challenges faced by the UK voluntary sector due to COVID-19. In partnership with CAST, the programme connects charities and social enterprises with digital expertise and advice.

This 6-month training and support programme helps charities and social enterprises make progress on an existing organisational digital project or challenge by putting their beneficiaries at the heart of the solution.

Participants will receive support from Deloitte experts and their own social sector peers, to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by their beneficiaries and learn how to create simple but effective solutions to address them.

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Explore innovative techniques from the digital world like user research, idea generation, prototyping to test solutions and agile working.
  • 1-1 mentoring on projects delivered by Deloitte UK volunteer digital experts.
  • Masterclasses and workshops on digital and design practices delivered by Deloitte UK volunteer digital experts.
  • Peer support and learning opportunities delivered by CAST facilitators.
  • Bespoke digital resources shared through an online Resource Hub.
  • A grant of up to £5K is available to support participation on the programme (please note that not all participants may be eligible for this grant).

Applications are now closed

Applications are now closed for the 2023/2024 programme. If you would like to be contacted when the programme reopens next year to apply, please email

Together, let’s make a digital impact that matters.

Technology has the power to transform communities, to connect, to enable, to empower - but also to exclude. It’s why we must always keep the human interest and impact front of mind when developing new technology solutions. It’s also why I’m proud of the creation of our Deloitte Digital Connect programme. By supporting charities develop their digital knowledge, scale their reach to help those most in need, and put people at the centre of design solutions, we’re working to reduce the digital divide.

Richard Houston

Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte North South Europe

Positive feedback from our participants

In the 2023 survey about the programme, our participants of the 2022-2023 cohort, had this to say:

  • 100% found the 1-1 support from Deloitte mentors useful in helping them gain more skills, knowledge and confidence and making progress on their project.
  • 93% stated that they had learned the foundations of developing a digital strategy.
  • 96% stated that they learned user-centred design practices.

Three of our participants gave us some in-depth feedback. Do read the below case studies to know more about their experience on the programme, what they learnt, their key breakthrough moments and the advice they’d give to anyone embarking on a similar programme.

Governors for Schools

“My experience on the programme has changed me as a communications professional. It's really made me more confident to take a seat in that digital space”.
- Ashley Callard, Governors for Schools

Read the full interview here

Prior’s Court Foundation

“The best learning comes from never assuming. I now always ask people, "Have you done your user research? It's changing the way we do things”.
- Sue Piper, Prior’s Court Foundation

Read the full interview here

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity

“We decided to narrow the focus to improving processes and system integration, setting our organisation up for a more achievable long-term plan”.
- Daryl Hornby, Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity

Read the full interview here

More about 5 Million Futures, our societal impact programme

5 Million Futures (5MF) is Deloitte’s social impact strategy in the UK and North South Europe (NSE), focused on helping people overcome barriers to education and employment. 5MF mobilises Deloitte professionals through volunteering, fundraising and pro-bono support - working closely with charity and school partners to close the digital skills divide; support underrepresented groups into employment; and build strong, sustainable school leadership.

How CAST is using digital for social good

CAST is a UK charity that helps social impact organisations use digital for social good. Its mission is to create a more responsive, resilient, and digitally enabled social sector. They work to accelerate the agency, presence and influence of social impact organisations in the technologies that affect us all.

They do this by supporting charities and other social impact organisations to embed digital and design across their services, strategy and governance - and by working with sector leaders, funders and Government to make this happen. CAST also initiated - and continues to incubate - Catalyst, a network working to collectively realise a digitally enabled and resilient social sector.

Key contacts

For questions and enquiries please contact

Jess Reddy

Digital Inclusion Lead

Email Jess

Follow the conversation

Digital resources

CAST has curated a collection of digital resources available to anyone to develop their digital knowledge and support with the running of digital projects. Take a look at some of the programme’s core support resources.

Find resources

"Thank you for the fantastic resources, wonderfully positive support, and the confidence to explore digital in a more creative way."

Kate Mackay Earthworks St Albans

Deloitte’s long-term commitment to supporting charities to develop their digital capabilities means we’re able to build on last year’s partnership to provide even greater support to charities across the UK. Being able to harness digital, data and design is critical for charities to deliver the vital support they provide to individuals and communities, and equally vital to ensure that civil society has an influential voice. CAST is delighted to support Deloitte and a new cohort of charities.

Dan Sutch

Co-founder and Director, CAST

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