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Deloitte to include sustainable delivery clause in client contracts

  • Working sustainably becomes default way of doing business with Deloitte
  • 'Clause Zero’ is designed to support sustainable client delivery and is part of a range of measures – from introducing climate learning across the global network to reducing energy consumption across UK offices

Deloitte is looking to include a ‘sustainable delivery’ clause – ‘Clause Zero’ - in client engagement letters and contracts this year.

The clause will encourage and support Deloitte and its clients to deliver projects in a more sustainable way – for example by opting for digital options such as virtual meetings and using online tools to help make low carbon choices when travel is required. It is designed to place sustainability at the forefront of every project, from initial pursuit through to completion.

In recent months, teams across all of Deloitte’s business lines have been given access to tools such as a web-based travel emissions calculator, as well as checklists designed to support sustainable decision-making on the delivery of projects.

Deloitte CEO Richard Houston said:

“As more organisations adopt net zero targets we’re seeing increasing demand from our clients and our people for us to work more sustainably.

“Clause Zero will help us to open a dialogue with our clients on the path to net zero and to challenge old ways of working so that - together - we can put sustainable delivery at the heart of all commercial activity.

“Our aim is to embed Clause Zero into client pitches, contracts and throughout the engagement lifecycle.”

Transforming ways of working

The sustainable delivery clause is part of Deloitte’s WorldClimate initiative and the latest tangible step to transform the firm’s business and empower its people to help create a better future.

Deloitte has also pledged to source 100% renewable electricity for office buildings, convert its car fleet to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, and ensure that more than two-thirds of suppliers have set their own science-based carbon reduction targets.

Energy savings donated to Scope

Measures Deloitte is taking to reduce energy consumption – such as reducing the office temperature range across the UK by two degrees Celsius – combined with the firm’s traditional closure of UK offices during the quieter festive period, have led to cost savings in December.

Houston added: “Given this is such a difficult time of year for many people, we’ve decided to donate the savings from these measures in December to our charity partner Scope. Disabled people are among those hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis, and demand for Scope’s services has dramatically increased - as have their costs. We hope that our donation will make a difference at a time when their support is needed most.”

Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive at disability equality charity Scope, said:

“Life costs more if you are disabled and disabled people often consume more energy to charge essential equipment and keep their homes warm due to their condition. So, with escalating costs, this winter is a particular threat.

“It’s therefore great that Deloitte have cut back on their energy consumption in their own offices and are donating these savings to support our helpline, where disabled people are able to access advice and support at this critical time.”



  • Deloitte’s WorldClimate commitments include:
    • Reducing our business travel emissions 50% per FTE by FY2030 from FY2019 levels
    • Sourcing 100% renewable energy for our buildings by FY2030
    • Converting 100% of our fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles by FY2030
    • Engaging with our major suppliers with the goal of having two thirds of them (by emissions) adopt science-based targets
    • Investing in meaningful market solutions for emissions we cannot eliminate
  • Deloitte’s business and ESG metrics for FY22 can be found here.
  • Last year Deloitte introduced a climate learning programme to inspire its 330,000 professionals worldwide to learn about the impacts of climate change and empower them to navigate their contribution to addressing climate change by making responsible choices at home and at work. Deloitte also recently announced expansion and investment in its global practice “Deloitte Sustainability & Climate”.
  • From December 2022, Deloitte UK joins other public and private sector organisations across Europe that have reduced office temperatures in order to reduce energy consumption. By reducing the office temperature range by two degrees Celsius, Deloitte is lowering its gas consumption, carbon emissions and supporting a reduction in demand across Europe. The money saved in December will be donated to Scope, to help support the disability charity’s helpline this winter.
  • Our office temperature range will continue to exceed the minimum temperature stipulated in the Approved Code of Practice
  • In 2020, Deloitte adopted a fully flexible hybrid working model, Deloitte Works, which not only supports the firm’s long-term sustainability goals but also enables people to choose where, when and how they work, in balance with their personal and professional responsibilities.