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Will sits in Deloitte’s Analytics & Cognitive practice. He has nine years’ experience delivering Customer AI and Analytics projects to digital and marketing functions, with a focus on the Retail and Consumer Product sectors. His project experience spans strategy and capability diagnostic & design, through to customer analytics use case delivery, with deep expertise around personalization use cases. Alongside client advisory, Will is an experienced product manager and has helped develop multiple Deloitte products, including their Personalization offering.

Expertise include;

Marketing & CX Strategy; developing marketing and customer experience strategies around data driven marketing for CRM, Loyalty and Digital Marketing

Customer Intelligence; functional experience in using Customer Intelligence within online and marketing functions including using propensity modelling, customer segmentation, uplift modelling and customer lifetime value.

Personalisation & Next Best Action; developing the marketing strategy and building next best action/ personalisation engines in grocery, fashion and marketplace retailers.

Insight Driven Organisation; designing and building the customer data and analytics platform capabilities and operating model for organisations.