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Stephen Williams

Partner | Financial Services External Audit Partner | Challenger Bank lead

Stephen’s experience over the past 30 years has always been exclusively with retail financial services clients. Stephen is a member of the Board of Deloitte NSE, Chair of the UK Oversight Board and is the Chairman of Deloitte NSE's own Audit & Risk Committee.

Previously Stephen worked on secondment for the EBRD in Eastern Europe, and spent 6 years in South Africa where he worked with local financial institutions.

His present external audit clients include a number of regulated banks and other retail financial services businesses; including a number with an international presence.

He also leads a number of propositions in the Challenger bank space, and leads a number of assurance and advisory projects in this space; including internal audit arrangements, regulatory advisory work, and work on assessing corporate governance and risk management frameworks.

Recent other projects in which Stephen has been involved include:

  • leading a HM Treasury CCA investigation resultant from a significant redress programme, 
  • leading the reporting accountant work on the IPO of a now listed bank;
  • leading the due diligence on behalf of a number of investors into a failing Building Society, and 
  • Undertaking a number of S166 reviews on behalf of the regulator in relation to corporate governance and risk management at Challenger Banks.