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Simon Stephens leads our Portfolio Audit and Assurance (“A&A”) practice, a business of 1,200 professionals who work with a portfolio of over 1,000 of the businesses audited by Deloitte in the UK. This is a portfolio of lower risk and less complex businesses across a range of industries: financial services, privately owned business, real estate, fintech and pension schemes and subsidiaries of some of our largest global clients.

As part of this role, Simon leads A&A’s focus the broader Private market, including Private Equity, and works with a cross-firm leadership team to deliver integrated services to portfolio companies and their PE investors. In addition to these UK roles he also has equivalent NSE leadership roles at Deloitte.

Simon has 25 years’ of experience in providing audit and advisory services to clients including Private Equity fund/managers and several PE backed businesses. He also has experience in the listed space: both debt and equity.

Simon has had several leadership roles at Deloitte and, prior to leading the Portfolio A&A business, was responsible for People & Purpose for the A&A practice (5,000 professionals).”