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Sonam Sikka

Director | Financial Institutions Group | Recovery & Resolution Advisory Services

Sonam is a Director within Deloitte’s Financial Institutions Group in the Advisory Corporate Finance division, specialising in recovery and resolution planning.

Sonam is a Director within the Financial Institutions Group in the Recovery & Resolution Advisory Services team. She joined Deloitte in 2017 from Bank of England where she worked, as a regulator, in Banking Supervision, as lead supervisor specialising in Recovery and Resolution Planning, liquidity risk management, contingency planning, and financial crime – for major UK Banks including an international UK G-SIB and the UK’s largest Building Society.

At Deloitte, Sonam provides specialist advice to financial services firms and regulatory authorities both in the UK and internationally on areas such as:

  • Recovery Planning including Board-level Firedrills
  • Resolution Planning including development, interpretation, implementation, and operationalization of Resolution Frameworks
  • Valuations in Resolution (VIR)
  • Funding in Resolution (FIR)

Sonam has over 13 years of experience across regulatory policy, interpretation, implementation, and assessment in Recovery and Resolution Planning.