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Stuart Royden-Turner

Director | Data and Risk

Stuart Royden-Turner is a Director in the Data and Analytics team within Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice. He is the UK lead for ESG & AI and also leads the UK lead for Investor and Regulatory reporting Operate services for Investment Management and Wealth. He is part of the leadership of the ESG for IMW. He is an experienced consultant with significant industry experience in both Wealth and Asset management and Banking credit quats. He studied a Master of Science in Operations Research and achieved a first-class pass (cum laude). He is a recent PhD graduate in Operations Research, with a special focus on modelling techniques for Unlisted Credit (premia) as it pertains to Asset Liability Modelling (graduated in 2023); as part of this, he presented a paper (Forecasting risk appetite using a machine learning sentiment analysis) to an academic conference at Oxford University (International Symposium on Forecasting).