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Steve Ingram

Director | Director of SAP Solutions | Head Of KIT

Steve is passionate about business use of technology and an avid LinkedIn user.

Head of KIT, Deloitte’s Clienteling and Assisted selling solution.

Steve is responsible for growing the KIT business. He leads the go to market and coordinates with the leads in product development, customer delivery and marketing to create innovative solutions, growing the user base with successful implementations.

Steve is also a SAP Solutions Director.

Steve’s career has been built upon the foundation of his time with SAP(UK) from 1994-2000. He led the Logistics Consulting team from 1994-1997, and was part of the team that launched the SAP Retail solution from late 1996, working closely with the business unit leadership in Walldorf and St.Ingbert, also driving the development of a Partner Ecosystem for the SAP Retail. Always working at the intersection of IT and Business, he passionately believes that the technology is an enabler to business success, not an end in itself. Transitioning from technical consulting to pre-sales, and then building his own consulting business (and selling it) has seen Steve exposed to many business conundrums; each of which he approaches with an open mind, looking for solutions that are pragmatic, forward thinking, and are focused upon user adoption.

He has operated on the Exec Board of a retailer and advised Exec Boards throughout his consulting career. Having a rare view of ‘both sides of the fence’ – Steve is excited and intrigued at the possibilities offered to businesses by the cloud, advanced analytics and all things AI.