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Sa’ad Homoud

Director | Deloitte Space

Sa’ad Homoud is a space sector leader and renowned for launching major space programmes and advising on critical space systems. With deep domain expertise and a vast network, he accelerates space-based innovation, spearheads cross-border collaborations, and shapes key policies. Notable achievements include leading delivery of multi-million-dollar collaborations for major space infrastructure programmes in emerging economies and holding senior positions in space sector organisations globally.

Sa’ad's career began in structured finance advisory. His visionary leadership has fostered enduring partnerships and influential policymaking. He has a track record of brokering major investments and partnerships, advancing UK-based ventures, and forging alliances between multinational corporations, space agencies, and governments. His role as counsel to senior government officials has played a central role in establishing the UK's position in the global space sector and advancing key strategic interests across Europe and the Middle East.

Sa’ad holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from the American University in Washington DC and an MBA from Cass Business School in London. He's bilingual in English and Arabic, residing in London.