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Rick Dickerson

Senior Manager | Risk Advisory

Rick is a Senior Manager in the Trade Compliance Corporate Intelligence team, where he leads our M&A Integrity Due Diligence and Market Risk Analysis work. He has almost twenty-five years’ experience of corporate intelligence work, having managed projects supporting clients with investments in every key industry (with particular focus on Consumer Business, Banking, Oil & Gas, and Media), in relation to virtually every jurisdiction on the planet. He also has extensive experience of supporting clients with internal investigations, litigation & disputes, and asset tracing globally.

Rick’s experience has included:

  • Managing in-depth Integrity Due Diligence projects on dozens of small financial institutions across central Europe and the former Soviet states, on behalf of an acquisitive client seeking to expand its banking business into these regions. The work focused in particular on the source of wealth of each bank’s founder, as well as seeking indications of their potential involvement in illegal or unethical issues.
  • Supporting a global beverages company which was seeking to enter a joint venture in North Korea, and which wanted to properly understand the risks of this investment. Rick led the team gathering in-depth information on the business risks faced by a western investor into this country, as well as identifying the key stakeholders within the North Korean government who would be connected to such an investment. Our findings assisted our client in better understanding the landscape of a market which is otherwise largely unknown to western investors.
  • Managing ongoing Enhanced Due Diligence on behalf of a banking client, in relation to hundreds of current or potential clients which had been flagged as higher risk by the bank’s own internal KYC processes. This project has examined individuals and entities located in jurisdictions around the world, with particular focus on Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.
  • Supporting an international energy company with Integrity Due Diligence and market risk services in relation to a wide range of jurisdictions across Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and Central America, including over 18 months supporting a politically sensitive transaction which required the screening of dozens of potential counter-parties, through a combination of in-depth public record research and enquiries with human sources.

Rick holds BA and MA degrees in Archaeology & Anthropology from the University of Cambridge.