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Mike Rhead

Director | Tax and Legal

Mike leads Deloitte’s technical, legal and commercial aviation practice and provides technical, legal and commercial services to a range of aviation clients across the globe. Having worked for an aircraft engine manufacturer and leasing company for 8 years as a commercial business partner, Mike has considerable and in-depth experience advising on a range of complex aviation matters from both an OEM (supplier) and Airline/Lessor (purchaser) perspective. Mike is currently working on a number of active engagements for both airlines and leasing companies which involve reviewing the applicable client’s existing business plan and financial forecasts, and remodelling the plan in light of the current environment and conditions the aviation sector are facing. Part of these engagements involves mapping a variety of recovery models and assessing such models against business plans and projected revenue flows. In addition to assisting with the review and revision of the client’s business plan, Mike is also assisting such clients with how they re-shape their fleet to take into account adjusted business models and the current supply and demand in the market. Such work involves mapping existing contractual commitments against the revised business plan to drive the most cost effective strategy to reshaping the airlines current and future business.