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Manisha Mukhi

Director | Audit and Assurance

Manisha is a Director with over 15 years’ experience in the financial services, commercial and utilities industries. She specialises in working with regulated asset servicing providers and local utilities, including listed entities, to deliver a range of services including financial statements audits, corporate governance reviews, regulatory reporting and internal audit reviews.

Manisha has been a member of the Professional Standards Review team and currently leads the Jersey Regulatory Assurance Review team. She is also a member of the learning team and the Exam Training Manager responsible for Professional Education in the Jersey Office.

Manisha’s current and past portfolio of clients includes a FTSE 250 fiduciary services provider in Jersey with a global presence and also local utilities. Manisha has undertaken secondments to the internal audit department of one of the largest fiduciary service providers in the offshore market to assist with their review and monitoring programme. In her audit client roles Manisha has reviewed buy side acquisition diligence and the integration of transactions into business as usual. Manisha has extensive experience with listed entities, in particular those with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, and the application of the UK Corporate Governance Code, Listing rules and narrative reporting.