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Michael Robinson

Partner | Deloitte Digital CTO | Head of Digital Banking

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Deloitte Digital UK. He is responsible for the continual development & on-going operation of Deloitte Digital’s technical capability.

Michael has experience delivering innovative digital solutions that not only excite customers but are underpinned by the right technologies choices, integrations, and operational processes.

While at Deloitte he has led the setup of Digital Studios in London, Edinburgh and Belfast and he has worked with clients to help them deliver innovative solutions and improve their own digital delivery capability.

Michael has been a leading advocate of innovative approaches to delivering digital transformation. He is a subject matter expert in the areas of distributive technologies, application development, digital technologies, collaborative working, and Agile processes. Michael has written a number of papers and represented Deloitte’s views speaking at a number of universities and conferences around the world.