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Melanie Spurway

Partner | Audit & Assurance, Global Capital Markets Group

Melanie is a partner who focuses on Accounting and Advisory and Transaction Services, in particular for companies in the energy and financial services sectors, and works extensively with US Registrants in the UK and Europe.

As a partner in the Global Capital Markets Group in London she has more than 19 years of experience in public accounting, providing assurance and advisory services to corporate clients and financial institutions in Canada, the United Kingdom and across Europe, including SEC-registered clients. She has deep expertise in the application of the SEC rules and regulations, Initial Public Offerings in the United States (including SPACs), offerings of securities in the United States, Internal Controls over Financial Reporting, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) auditing standards, and in assisting clients in evaluating the accounting impacts of complex financing transactions (e.g. financial instruments, consolidation, hedge accounting, securitisations, and liability and equity classification).

Melanie currently acts as the SEC Practice Section Reviewer for some of the UK Firms largest US Registrants, a role that sees her focused not only on compliance with the SEC rules and regulations, but also on the application of IFRS for complex transactions.  Prior to joining the UK Firm, Melanie served some of the Canadian Firm’s largest corporate and financial services clients and was responsible for technical accounting matters, financial reporting and compliance with SEC rules and regulations.  Melanie has extensive experience advising clients on offerings in the United States and cross-border transactions.

In addition to her assurance responsibilities, Melanie worked extensively with the Firm’s clients in an advisory capacity.  She was part of the IFRS specialist team that worked with the Canadian Firm’s clients upon Canada’s conversion to IFRS. She also provides technical accounting advice to clients with respect to the application of IFRS and US GAAP for complex transactions.