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Matt Ward

Principal for North of England | Market Gravity Regional Leader

Matt has over 20 years’ experience leading innovation programmes in a number of different industries. He has led work ranging from re-building claims systems at a global insurance company to create a more conversational customer experience, to working with oil and gas experts for innovative cashflow management for businesses dependant on diesel prices. Both from inside large corporates and as a consultant, Matt has pioneered the use of technology to drive meaningful commercial and customer change. Notable successes are the launch of new youth bank accounts and cardless cash offerings for a major UK bank as well as an innovative digital pension solution for a large financial services business.

After leading work in the UK and the US for Market Gravity, he is now building the business in the North of England including the creation of The Walk and the ecosystem surrounding it. Matt’s primary objectives are to finding new ways to rapidly build and prove solutions in real world environments, de-risking investment and reducing time to market. His cross industry expertise means that he is perfectly placed to help power innovation and growth for clients.