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Margarita Kotti

Senior Consultant | Research Consultant | Human-Computer Interaction Expert

Margarita is a machine learning and signal processing expert. She holds a PhD on automatic emotion recognition and is an honorary research associate for Imperial College London. She is an internationally recognised researcher, having more than 50 publications in higly ranked journals and conferences.

She has extensive experience in collecting, cleaning, processing and analysing both structured data, such as bank transaction records, and unstructured data, such as timeseries and free text. For her previous post at Toshiba research, she has patented invative solutions to promote conversational AI. While at Deloitte, she has re-designed the enrichment process of bank statements and built the audio interface for a banking tool. She has also built banking solutions to predict customer spending and call centre solutions for automatic call classification. Additionally, she has created a social listening tool that analyses customer behaviour and aims to predict churn.