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Laurianne Bourg

Director | Risk Advisory

Laurianne is a Director in our Extended Enterprise Risk Management team with over 15 years’ experience of advising clients on Third Party Risk Management.

She led our Business Partner Assurance (BPA) services from 2012-2017 where she led many major global programmes of contract compliance inspections for clients across numerous industries particularly pharmaceutical, consumer, technology, media, energy & resources and financial services industries.

She has also advised clients on the design and implementation of third-party risk management frameworks, using her wealth of experience of assessing third party contractual compliance.

Since 2018, she has led our UK Contract Analytics and Contract Management services. She is focused on using market-leading contract technology to help clients gain insights into their third-party contracts. This includes performing contract review and remediation for regulatory/M&A/business transformation needs; and supporting with ongoing contract-related activities (e.g. contract obligations tracking, using contract analytics to support compliance activities, contract optimisation). She regularly works with clients around the management of their third-party relationships, including advising on the management and design of end-to-end contract management and potential Contract Lifecycle Management technology options.

Laurianne is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and is bilingual in English and French. She also has experience of working in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Japan and North & South America.