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Joanna (Joey) Conway

Partner | Internet Regulation (Legal)

Joey is a partner in Deloitte’s UK legal team. She has over 15 years experience advising clients in the tech sector. She is an expert in digital risks and internet law and regulation. She advises on cutting-edge issues (harmful and illegal content, rights to free speech, mis/dis-information, AI, deepfakes) and on digital content strategies and risks in light of new regulatory and legal developments. She assists clients to identify and mitigate digital risks, designing and advising on legally compliant content controls and process.

She advises on the legal position with respect to content issues, on platform community standards and related content terms, notice and take-down process, moderation and on how to manage the related legal risks. She works with digital content companies, media, platforms, ISPs blending legal expertise in IP (brand, digital copyright and digital rights management and enforcement) with reputation risk (defamation), privacy, media & advertising, social media law and platform liability and regulation, all in the digital context.