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Hamish Thomas

Payments and FutureMoney leader | Partner, DC Industry Solutions

Hamish has 29 years’ experience working with a broad spectrum of firms, from established international institutions to new entrants and fintechs across EMEA, the US, Asia & Oceania. 

He started his career in industry, designing satellite and mobile telco networks, before becoming fascinated by the role of payments as the connective tissue of financial services and commerce.  

Since then, he has focused on the biggest questions facing the payments industry, particularly on the role of modern technology, regulation and innovation to enhance payments ecosystems, achieving better outcomes for the individuals, businesses and governments who use them, and the banks, PSPs and others who provide services.

His recent experience includes digital transformation, regulatory driven change, new product development, fraud & financial crime prevention, and the practical use of emerging technology, particularly advanced analytics of payments data, and DLT as a platform for CBDCs and Digital Assets.