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Gavin Wai

Associate Director | IP Advisory

Gavin, an Associate Director in Deloitte’s IP Advisory practice, advises clients on discovering, protecting, managing and leveraging their IP assets.

As an IP, Patent Box and R&D Tax specialist, he supports clients across a wide range of industries and geographies to build enterprise value through IP, identify and manage IP risks, and maximise efficiencies through tax planning and utilising Innovation-led government incentives.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Gavin trained in one of Europe’s leading IP law firms, encompassing a broad range of IP work relating to patents, SPCs and registered designs.

Gavin holds a BSc in Biotechnology from Imperial College London, an MSc in Biochemical Engineering from University College London and a postgraduate certificate in IP Law from Queen Mary University of London. He was awarded academic accolades for his BSc and MSc studies, as well as a BBSRC scholarship for his MSc studies.