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Eric Applewhite

Director | Analytics

Driven by a desire to make an impact, Eric analyses data with the aim of constructively transforming organisations in the North of England. His primary focus is the public sector.

With a 25-year career it’s difficult to choose a specific highlight, but his work in New York is a period that he is particularly proud of. He integrated the city’s eight health and social care agencies using pioneering data analytics and collaboration. Another career highlight would have to be helping Greater Manchester establish a ground-breaking data-sharing body, named GM-Connect. The overall aim was (and still is) to identify people in the area that are most in need of support, whilst reducing the cost of public services using technology and interdisciplinary alliances.

Eric is a proud husband and father to two half Geordie/half American children who are inspiring. He also loves history, travelling, and beekeeping (aspiring now - but with great ambitions for the future!).