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Darriane Garrett

Director | Ethics Centre of Excellence Lead | Responsible Business – Diversity and Inclusion Leader

Darriane is a Director working within Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice supporting our Responsible Business Agenda and specialises in ethics and culture.

Darriane is an expert in assessing, measuring organisational ethical culture, ensuring Purpose, Values and Behaviours are known, understood and working to deliver the business strategy in the right way. Darriane works across all industries working with clients to integrate ethics and compliance to support clients to move from rules to principles and adopt ethics frameworks.

Darriane is a qualified Leading Practitioner in Ethics and Compliance (LPEC) and a fraud and bribery specialist with over 15 years experience of designing anti-fraud and bribery programmes for clients internationally.

Darriane has worked in industry and joined Deloitte in the last two years to support clients across a variety of industries including; Life Science, Health Care, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities and Consumer.