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Chloe is a dedicated Consultant in Human Capital, specialising in advising clients on the people aspects of transformation. With specific expertise in organisational workforce design, Chloe brings valuable insights into organisational design, future of work, change management, and operating model transformation.

Chloe played a key role in the business orchestration team at the UK AI Institute, operating within Deloitte's Global Office of Generative AI. Her insights into building out Deloitte's GenAI product 'PairD' have provided her with a deep understanding of the people impact from both delivery and user experience. Additionally, she has experience in governance and people ways of working in a highly innovative and fast-paced environment.

Currently, Chloe is collaborating with key thought leaders, placing a people-centric lens on digital transformations across various industries. Her focus lies in preparing future leaders to adeptly manage both people and digital products/tools, while comprehending how a digital operating model empowers organisations to embrace digital transformation.