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Charlie Hosner

Partner | Cyber Risk

Charlie is a Cyber Risk Partner based in London. He has 25+ years of experience in the information and industrial security industries. He specialises in helping organisations understand their cyber risk environment and guiding them to produce effective and efficient strategies to inform their transformation journey, working with the world’s largest organisations across all sectors. Charlie currently leads Deloitte’s Global Recover and Transform service offering and has spent much of the last five years helping organisations respond to and recover from catastrophic cyber incidents. Charlie has been on the ground for some of the highest profile incidents in the world, and is passionate about helping the organisations that evolve our way of life continue to thrive in the face of these new challenges. Charlie has held security leadership positions in a number of global practices as well as spending time living in numerous regional hubs including Singapore, Malaysia, the US, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As part of his current role, Charlie does a significant number of speaking events to boards and exec committees to help them understand what what’s happening with new trends in the cyber security space and what this means for their organisations.