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Almira Delibegovic-Broome KC

Independent Non-Executive

Almira was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive on the Deloitte UK Oversight Board in March 2020 and on the Deloitte Audit Governance Board when it was established in January 2021.

She is a senior member of the Bar in Scotland, specialising in company and insolvency law. Almira is also Chair of JUSTICE Scotland; a member of the Business Committee of the General Council of the University of Edinburgh and Convener of its Finance and Services Standing Committee; a non-executive member of the Advisory Board for the Accountant in Bankruptcy (The Scottish Government agency responsible for administering the process of personal bankruptcies and recording corporateinsolvencies in Scotland); and a member, trustee and director of the Scottish Council of Law Reporting.

Originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina and now living in Edinburgh where she completed her undergraduate studies, Almira obtained her Master of Laws at Harvard Law School. Her previous experience includes time as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School and as a Senior Research Fellow for the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation in the US.