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Aisling is a Partner and part of our specialist UK REITs team. She advises a number of UK REITs on tax matters and has worked on a number of major REIT transactions.

Specific transactions have included:

  • Acquisition of a number of rental businesses by a UK REIT.
  • The establishment of a number of UK REITs as well as carrying out feasibility reviews for a number of property groups considering REIT conversion.
  • Conversion of an offshore listed group to a UK REIT. 
  • Winding up of a property group which involved the first ever exit from the UK REIT regime.
  • Advising an existing UK REIT on the insertion of a new plc holding company.
  • Joint venture agreement for a new commercial development between a non-REIT and an existing REIT (acting for the non-REIT).
  • Advising a number of non-REITs on acquiring properties and corporates from UK REITs.