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Governance: About Us

Through a challenging year, we’ve consistently lived our purpose to make an impact that matters for our people, Deloitte clients and our communities.

As an organisation that advises and audits organisations across industries and sectors around the world, ours is a business built on trust.

Deloitte NSE is made up of more than 65,000 colleagues across 28 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Every day, we act on our shared values and we live our purpose to make an impact that matters for our people, our clients and our communities.

Reporting and responsibility

We continue to make progress on our ESG ambitions. We measure and report on that progress to enable our stakeholders to understand our impact.

We are deliberate about the company we keep and we are committed to responsible business practices.

Read more about the important commitments we make to fostering and safeguarding ethics and independence.

Read more about how robust governance is foundational to our ability to deliver on our promises, serve the public interest, and build and protect trust. We have rigorous mechanisms in place that allow us to carefully consider potential client engagements, business relationships and possible independence conflicts, prior to acceptance, in accordance with our commitment to responsible business practices.

Geography Impact Reports 


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