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Mobile Consumer Survey 2019

The state of the smartphone

Our love affair with smartphones is now 12 years old, and shows no sign of fading. So we began to really think about our relationship with our mobiles and what makes them so irresistible. Through our research, some interesting facts and trends began to unravel…

On these pages, you’ll find four distinct themes that offer some insight into how the smartphone is increasingly becoming the key to how we connect with our friends and family, our home, our personal wellbeing and even our entertainment.

Connected lives
Life in the modern world is both complex and connected. The way we bank, shop and interact with each other is increasingly influenced by our phones and a growing number of smart devices. So what happens when you throw 5G and all its potential capabilities into the mix?
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Digital entertainment
Reading. Listening. Watching. Playing. Gaming. Whether it’s streamed or downloaded, we’re used to having the world’s entertainment in the palm of our hand. So just how much are we willing to pay for it?
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Digital wellbeing
From tracking our morning runs to checking Twitter at midnight, our relationship with our phones is complicated. Scientific research is conflicting, but have our personal perceptions on ‘overuse’ changed?
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The market
While smartphone adoption plateaus, its impact on the market is multiplying. Read how snazzy phone cases and wireless headphones are giving rise to a global market forecasted to reach £61.5 billion in 2020.
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