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Green data

How can data centre operators commit to sustainability?

The current landscape

What is a DC and what is the current regulatory landscape? In the first section of this report we explore these key questions and how the circular economy is relevant.

4 Pillar Approach

How can DCs begin their journey towards greater sustainability? Assessing their functionality around 4 key areas: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure Circularity and Water Usage.

Our view on this topic

Climate action is now top of the corporate agenda. Regulatory and socio-economic pressures are forcing companies to act with greater urgency. In a world in which data use is growing exponentially, data centre (DC) providers increasingly face a pressing and existential challenge to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

As the pressure on DCs to place sustainability at the forefront of their operations increases, the circular economy can provide a strategic roadmap. How? Read our report to find out.

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