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Tech for Impact: The economic and environmental impact of digital technologies in the UK

In 2019, the UK declared a legally binding ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This ambition will only be achieved by enabling the power of digital technology.

Our new report, Tech for Impact, sets out the expected environmental and economic benefits of the growth of clean technology in the UK. Through increased efficiencies, more targeted intervention and new innovations, our report on tech for good sets out the expected impact digital technology could have in the UK by 2030 across five critical sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, energy and utilities, mobility and buildings.

The analysis for Tech for Impact report substantially builds on analysis we previously conducted with GeSI on the impact of digital technology on the SDG’s which is featured in Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030.

Read techUK's policy paper, featuring our analysis here.

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