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Green Screens: The power of media to help tackle climate change

Our view on this topic

The media industry is transforming to tackle climate change. But it has an important part to play and does not go far enough, yet.

We see media’s most significant impact as indirect, taking two routes. Firstly, media content has a significant influence on its audiences. Secondly, media companies (especially advertisers) should carefully evaluate which third party brands they work with to amplify the “greenest” brands and products.

Media organisations are the storytellers of our world. They should focus on telling one of the biggest stories of our time – how we overcome climate change. Media companies that embrace this opportunity will likely thrive in the long-run, create a fulfilling environment for their people, and create a template for others to follow.

The power of media to help tackle climate change

The media industry has a unique and crucial role to play. What power does the industry have in tackling climate change and what are the key challenges the industry will face?

Photo taken in Lima, Peru

What media companies can do

There are multiple opportunity levers for the media industry’s climate action. Production practices and climate-focused content are key. How can media production incorporate sustainability and what can be done to incorporate climate into content?

How these actions can be enabled

In order to drive significant, fast and lasting action on climate, sustainability must become important to every single employee and leader. Measuring the impact of creative content and collaboration across the industry will be needed.

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