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Episode 20 – The Future of Work and the Hybrid Nature of It

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Over the last year, we have seen an increase of people shifting from working in an office, to fully working remote from home. Insights from our recent survey on the topic of people’s remote work behaviour, strongly suggests that this shift to remote and hybrid working will outlive the pandemic. Globally, half of all employed adults (53%) say they can do their job remotely and prefer a 60-40 hybrid working routine.So, what technologies are pivotal in helping companies that support hybrid working, to stay present and connected with their colleagues?

Our guests for this episode are Payal Vasudeva, People and Purpose Lead, Davinder Kang, Senior Manager within the Human Capital team and Yasar Butt, Director in UK Technology Consulting practice.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. For those of us that are new to topic, could we start by introducing what is the “Future of Work”?
  2. How did we get here and how have GenZs accelerated this transition?
  3. Use of Tech to enable hybrid environments is critical – how has the pandemic shaped the Future of work?
  4. Attracting and nurturing the right talent and skills is front of mind for most organisations - how do at Deloitte best enable this?
  5. Let us talk about the metaverse – appreciate this is shaping our social life but is real yet in the workplace and how do we see this evolving?



Episode 20 – The Future of Work and the Hybrid Nature of It

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