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Episode 22 – Convergence of solutions: What is Converge Prosperity?

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Converge Prosperity is Deloitte’s innovative financial services offering, which is built on various cloud-native technologies. This offering allows our clients to imagine, design, assemble, and deliver the first production release of their next-generation digital bank at pace. 

In episode 22, we’ll be joined by guests Chris Madelin, Financial Services Director in Deloitte Digital and Michael Robinson, Financial Services Partner in Deloitte Digital, as they discuss Converge Prosperity in more detail. 

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. What are your views on industry specific solutions, as lines between industries are blurring, for example, tech companies becoming FinTech etc?
    • What are the common challenges industries are facing?
    • What are the major disruptions industries are facing now and how are we working on these?
  2. What is Converge Prosperity?
  3. How are you managing the product lifecycle of such solutions to clients?
  4. What do you do to stand out from the competition with these common platforms and where is the real differentiation?
  5. How are you integrating with hybrid solutions, as this is the status quo for a number of organisations for the foreseeable future?



Episode 22 – Convergence of solutions: What is Converge Prosperity?

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