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Episode 19: The Future of Cloud and Digital Skills

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Cloud is powering every digital transformation, but it’s how we deliver the future of work, enhance the customer experience, harness the power of analytics, and achieve the agility that is most important. Deloitte’s 2021 Cloud Survey, across 200 UK executives, highlights an internal skill gap, as 1 in 3 Cloud adopters admitted to feeling concerned about their internal lack of ability to execute on their digital strategies. So what skills are organisations looking for to execute their digital and Cloud strategies and how will these change in the coming years?Our guests for this episode are Deloitte’s Edward Litchfield, Director in the Digital Risk team, Deloitte’s Kyle Irvine, expert in Cyber Transformation Practice in Risk Advisory and Elliot Chapple, Director in Consulting.

Our guests for this episode are Anne-Marie Malley, Managing Partner for Consulting at Deloitte, and John Starling, Deloitte UK’s Cloud Engineering Leader

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. What is the key question around digital transformation that we’re receiving from our clients today - and what role does Cloud play in this?
  2. Do you think UK businesses have fully grasped the benefits of Cloud?
  3. What has caused a digital and Cloud skills gap and what can be done to close this gap?
  4. The first prediction we heard on last year’s Christmas episode for 2020, was that we would see a larger scale Cloud migration in 2021 with the acceleration of the digital future. Do you think that prediction has come true?
  5. What are your big predictions for Cloud & digital in 2022?

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Episode 19: The Future of Cloud and Digital Skills

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