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How Enterprise Architecture can support organisations recover from a crisis

COVID-19 insights from Deloitte’s crisis response framework


COVID-19 has shown organisations that they cannot assume that something of this magnitude ‘will never happen to them’ or that ‘they would be able to manage.’ Organisations have to plan ahead, by creating a crisis response plan that considers how they would: Respond, Recover, and Thrive.

Organisations have managed the immediate response to the impact of COVID-19 and have stabilised to an interim state. They are now putting in place the necessary steps to recover and to plan how they may take this opportunity to drive new business and thrive.

In each of these phases, in order to deliver actionable plans, Enterprise Architecture is even more relevant and essential as ever and can help companies to:

  • manage the continuity of their business operations during the immediate response phase by identifying and planning to protect critical business functions and technology assets
  • learn and emerge stronger as they recover from the impacts by prioritising the right technology investments, reducing costs, eliminating complexity, increasing technology resilience and improve risk management practices and through innovation to creatively enhance their digital presence
  • prepare to thrive and successfully navigate in what will be the next normal by enabling businesses to make better decisions, reimagine new ways of working, creating new business models and products

Download Deloitte’s point of view on Enterprise Architecture’s role in recovering from a crisis.

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